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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Hutch News Sports

I never been captivated by anything written about sports, in the Hutch News, ever. It never ceases to amaze me that I can go in there to look for a Hutch High or HCC or Buhler High score and the whole front page is dedicated to a little bitty schools on the Colorado border that just won a basketball game against another school that 27 people total have ever heard of.

Hold on, don't get pissy, those schools do deserve credit and mention. My bitch is that I think the Hutch News should put stuff that's close to Hutch front and center and then expand out from there, not that I think Hutch's is better or small towns don't matter. I really don't even think I need to explain it, doesn't it just make sense?

Oh yeah I said in the beginning "I never been captivated by anything written about sports, in the Hutch News", that all changed today, this is a great article.

Patrick Sheltra ,

Whoever you are, please continue to make something from my daily rss feed from the Hutch News be well written. I disagree with you and think Brett Favre was on my Rushmore way earlier and you should have been paying closer attention a little earlier on. But that is a damn fine article!!! Thnks


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