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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Seth Godin - Managing Urgencies.

Several times in my thoughts I have mentioned/referred to/quoted/plagiarized Seth Godin.
I really think the guy has a grasp on whats makes the world go round.

Couple of days ago he wrote about managing urgencies and putting out fires and the huge possibilities those things have for destroying focus on the long term goals.

I want to analyze this on my terms and see if after I think it through, it still seems as incredible a thought as I think it is right now.

We all have long term dreams right? Everyone does! They may be more short sighted than some and it's possible they are stupid or impossible (that's a different blog, but it's true, some peoples dreams need remodeled), but we all have some type of a long-range want list.

So what happens when something pops up that takes focus from the long term goal??

I think it comes down to prioritizing!

Say you are trucking along, making headway on the long term goal and boom, a short term fire ignites! You have to prioritize!! Is the fire gonna burn itself out without destroying anything valuable? Hell, the fire might be great way to get rid of some garbage that has been cluttering up your space and hindering progress, if that's the case blow on it or at a minimum just let it smolder. Don't take this to mean there is never a time to stop forward progress on the long term goal. There is!! We all have to stop and take care of little annoying things that don't seem to move us forward, it's knowing which ones to stop for and which ones to ignore and roll on by that makes the world go around a little smoother.

Here's is Seth Godin's original blog on the topic.

The guy is a Genius, seriously, stop reading my crap, click here and base your business pursuits off Seth's writings. I'm not kidding.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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