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Customer Service Beyond Belief -Thanks Stephanie

I had big plans for another dramatic politically and morally charged blog post today but something else happened to me.

Ok, I am a team manager for a 10 and 11 year old girls traveling soccer team. I Book a lot of Hotel Rooms all over the Midwest. I mean a lot.
I deal with a bunch of sales people that claim they are gonna make it easy for me and most of them are full of crap.

I screwed things up for a Tournament we are going to in Topeka, in May. I waited too long to book rooms and it was looking like we were going to be stuck in a crappy hotel in Lawrence.

I had left about 50 phone messages at Hotels all over Topeka, Lawrence, and West Kansas City.

And I got a call from Stephanie at the Topeka Ramada yesterday.

Stephanie (really everyone I have dealt with there, but mainly Stephanie) blew my mind.
First off let's say this, a lot of folks are scrambling for rooms in Topeka area for this particular weekend. Stephanie would have got the rooms booked without me and our team.
But she truly went out of her way and made everything easy for us, really it was easier than it would have been at most places if I had called 4 months ago.

I guess I don't have time to go into great detail but know this... Stephanie went way above and beyond the call of duty, organized this whole thing, made it simple for me and made it simple for the rest of the parents to get the rooms switched to their names. She did all of this in about an hour and needed 10 minutes of my time. A lot of these places send me 15 forms and leave me wondering for a week or so if it is all gonna pan out. Stephanie had me comfortable with the whole situation and back to other business in 10 minutes and it was great. The she informed me today that she had an even better deal today. I am telling you if you need a group block of rooms in Topeka Kansas, I am personally recommending you call the Topeka Ramada and literally insist that you talk to Stephanie in group sales.

In fact just call there right now, whether you need a room or not and ask for Stephanie, tell her thanks for just being a good person and working hard at her job and then ask for her boss and tell him/here Stephanie needs a raise. Or even better flood them with emails and faxes thanking them for it.

Ok I know that only 5 people read my blog and none of you probably are extroverted enough to actually do this, but Stephanie is worth it. No seriously call them or email them or fax them right now.

Phone 785.234.5400

email address


  1. So I did it...just for you! I left Miss Stephanie an email about her wonderful customer service. I also sent her the link to Hopefully she'll read it! I'm sure that would just make her day! There's nothing like A+ customer service! GOOOO Stephanie!!!

  2. Thanks Nori,

    For those of you that don't know Nori she is a bank teller. Nori is another example of a great customer service person. I am not really a touchy feely kinda guy, but when you walk into the lobby at First National Bank at 25th and Main in Hutch. If Nori is working, her smile will make you smile. Thanks Nori.

  3. Haaaa Haaaa!

    Your Funny...


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