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Friday Speed Blog.

OK it's Friday morning and I am running a little behind. So .....

Speed Blog.

First, don't forget the poll on the right sidebar, I promise it will turn into a little bit of a discussion when we are done with voting.

We also added the most recent comments module if you want to check that when you come to the site as well as the link to subscribe to just the comments in a RSS Feeder. What's an RSS reader you say??..... Click Here!!!

Next thing, read this, if you have been defending the Hutch News editorials because you have a big heart... This should end that business. I thought I was the worst in the world about jumping around and making absolutely no point what-so-ever!!!

Quick Wiley building update, sounds like their might be a slight amount of progress in there for the very best option of a private developer coming in and buying it. Please God, let that happen, that is the only way it won't create a giant crap-storm. Article here. Actually I just read it again, not really progress, George Nerhan at least talked about the idea of selling. Sell It George!!

You gotta check out Matt and Arock's morning show on 106.1 FM in the South Central Kansas area. (Disclaimer) They don't claim to be a news source, they have "Lucky Kid" for that, they just try to make you laugh and throw some of their opinions at you. They will annoy you some, but crack you up most of the time and that's what I need on my drive in in the mornings. Yes they also let me rant and rave on there on Friday mornings so I am biased, but it really is the best option for talk Radio in the morning around here.

The comments really did get incredible here, it's not over, go there and add your 2 cents, it's kinda fun once you actually post your first blog comment. Fun like crack cocaine, you might not be able to stop. OK sorry dumb comparison.

Ok that's it for right now, we have another soccer tournament this weekend, but... "Renee from Texas" told my wife that trying to blog about soccer games is stupid. I agree now, looking back, but you didn't have to yell at me Renee!!!!

Oh if you live on Earth and you haven't contacted Kate to help with Kate's Challenge, you might be getting evicted.That includes you Nate Dogg!!!!!!

OK one last thing, this song kicks ass!!!! If you can listen to the whole thing and not dance at your desk or sing along, you might have someone check to make sure your not a robot.


  1. Fair warning to everyone from the guy that shares an office with Cody:

    If you're near him when this song starts, be prepared for pain.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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