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Global warming, Hutchinson Kansas, Coal Plants, Windmills and Governor Sebelius???

Ok as with a couple of my posts in the past, I don't know all the facts on this one.

This is what I know for sure:

1. A company called Sunflower Electric Power Corp. is trying to get the approval to build 2 coal fired plants to generate electricity in SW Kansas.

2. For environmental reasons some people are opposed to the plant. One of those people being Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who vetoed the legislation to make the coal plants happen.

3. Other people, a vast majority of Kansas Senators, are opposed to the veto, hence in favor of coal plants, and they overrode Sebelius's veto.

4. Common stated reason for the Coal Plants:
a) Currently not enough supply, need immediate boost.
b) Wind not capable of keeping up yet
c) Wind more expensive ( I don't know details)
d) Utility rates will go up (they claim drastically) if plants aren't built.
e) Global Warming doesn't exist. - I threw that in.... Lay off rude comments I am not saying that's what I believe.

5. Common stated reasons against Coal Plants:
a) Environmental Damage from Coal
b) All the money talk is wrong cause wind is actually cheaper in the long run.
c) Wind, Wind, Wind
d) Wind.

Ok so it's a he said/ she said, right? and I don't freaking know the answer but I will give you my thoughts.

I am taking the side of....

The Fence!!

Not that I don't have an opinion or that I am scared to state it. I do have a very strong opinion, I think both sides are right and both sides are wrong.

I do think:

global Warming is an issue.

I don't think:

it is a big enough issue to potentially devastate peoples budgets over. (I don't know if not having coal plants will do that but most of our senate thinks it will)

I do think:

wind is the obvious choice for future energy expansions.

I don't think:

wind is happening fast enough to completely ignore any advancements in using coal.

I do think:

in the long run wind (just the wind , not the windmills and transmission lines, I know that!!) is free and has to be cheaper over several years than coal.

I don't think:

the initial expense and expanses of land needed for wind farms to be able to support utility needs makes it feasible to say all we need is wind.

I do think:

The best scenario here from the facts I know is to move forward with coal plants and then push so hard and fast on wind so that we never need to build another coal plant ever again. Unless we have to... :)

I don't think anyone is right or wrong,

I know for a Damn fact that more good would get accomplished if our system wasn't so set on a "I am right and you are wrong" mentally. That's another post.

Hutch News article here

Incredible Local Discussion on Global Warming here

Super Local Discussion on Wind Energy Here

Thanks for reading .


  1. Here's the bill's big problem:

    "The secretary shall not in the exercise of powers and duties, except as provided below, promulgate any rule and regulation, or issue any order or take any other action under any provision of the Kansas air quality act or other provision of law, that is more stringent, restrictive or expansive than required by the federal clean air act..."

    Bill text

    The legislature went looking for a fight, not a compromise.

  2. Anonymous...

    Great Comment, Looks like you did more research than me for sure.

    Coudl you explain what the heck it means to us common folks.

    I think I get it but not sure.

  3. Crap didn't see link to bill at first, wow thanks for that.

  4. As I understand it, the bill requires the Secretary of Health and Environment to receive legislative approval before undertaking any action which enforces stronger standards than the federal Clean Air Act. That seems to me like a big overreaction to a decision that would have been litigated regardless of what Secretary Bremby did.

    More analysis

    Bremby explains his decision

  5. I don't live in KS but I think Windmills are great. Why not use coal it is in America? One area in my state charged people for using windmills as back-up for electricity. Another area where someone I know built a green heating system thinking it would pay for itself (by saving on electric) sadly the electric company is not doing that. How did it turn out for you?


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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