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I am right and you are wrong pt. 2 (Reply to Scott)

Ok Scott made some great points in a comment to my post here. If you haven't read the post and Scott's comment, go do it, or this post might not make sense.

It stirred a pretty good response in my head and made me think about a few things and it grew in my mind to something bigger than just a comment.


We will type it put here and see if it's worth a crap.

I know Scott and have a lot of respect for him and his intelligence and his abundance of common sense. He gave me some so-so, kinda crappy Fantasy Football advice one time but that's about the only not-great thing I have to say about him.

I think in his comment he is almost agreeing with me and my "I am right and you are wrong" theory. That's good cause it's right and anything else that contradicts it is wrong. HA!!

He does call certain folks in certain scenarios crazy (those people also seem to be the ones that differ in beliefs from what I think Scott beliefs are, but.....) and that doesn't lend too much to my idea of working together with folks of opposing views. Not sure ,if we label them crazy, we will ever get them to meet in the middle with us or with the folks at the other end of the spectrum????? What he does do is a great job of generalizing the whole entire problem in the last paragraph of his comment. He nails it exactly. The 5% on one end and the 5% on the other end fight each other so hard that nothing ever gets done. Who's fault is that? Well it's mainly Their's, but.. It's also those of us, (Me, Scott and some of you reading this) who make up the other 90%. We don't step out and do something about it.Ok so the whole damn system is broke and we gotta fix it. Those of us that make up the 90% in Scott's theory gotta figure this out and force some common sense and compromise onto the 5%ers.

I gotta tell ya the story that actually made me start to think that something could actually be done. This story is what made me realize that the people who make up Scott's 5%ers aren't "Crazy" , ok some of them are complete nut jobs, but not all of them. This story is what made me think there was hope to it all and that we could make some progress on this deal instead of just sitting around and griping about it and calling people crazy.

About a year ago I met a new person through work situations and have gotten to be pretty good friends with him. We had a discussion one day (that he started!) about who we were gonna vote for in the presidential election. It doesn't even matter who we both said, what matters is the first criteria he brought up was the potential candidates stance on Abortion.

Ok sidenote: This is my stance on abortion: I don't think they should ever happen, unless they absolutely have to.
I don't think deciding if they are absolutely necessary is the job of our President, or even really our Government at all.
I think the Government should have medical guidelines and standards to do the best job possible of insuring safety when abortions do occur.
I also think the government should have a hand in do everything possible in a positive manner to help folks find other alternatives to abortion when the situation arises. If both sides Right and Left, Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, had this approach, we would protect women's rights and actually have great success in reducing the number of abortions. Both sides win!!

I am Pro-Life, with enough common sense to realize there will always be situations that dictate that we should not make abortion illegal.

Ok back to the story. The guy asks me about Presidential candidates, it seems abortion is his top issue and he was waaaaaaaay Pro-Life. Not Crazy, just enthusiastic about his beliefs. I jumped on my soapbox and went at it. I asked him why that was at the top of his list. He said he wanted the next President to do their best to make abortion illegal. I asked him if he thought that would really happen and even he couldn't convince himself he believed it would. I asked him if he thought we could ever get both sides to work together through compromise and a common sense common goal. I shit you not, he bought into it slowly. He actually started to see the light and realize if the 2 extremes compromised a little bit that both would make actual progress towards each of their goals. That's what started me thinking this way.

Anyhow I am rambling, Scott made a great comment, except I think he should try and talk some common sense into some of his "crazies" and try to meet them in the middle.
My new friend listened to some common sense, and we made a little bitty difference in a debate that hasn't moved any at all in decades.

It applies to every political and moral issue in the world, think about it.

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