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Jessica Miller's Column in Hutch News

Jessica Miller wrote a column in the Hutch News sometime in the last couple of days. click here to read it.

(sidenote: why the hell does the Hutch News not post a date and time next to the column on it's website? Pisses me off!)

For those of you that don't know, The Hutch News started a community columnist thing a few months ago ( I think it was a few months ago, cause there is no damn dates on any of them, so I don't know for sure) and honestly it's now my favorite reading on my Hutch News rss feeds.

Quick Background on Jessica: she is a transplant to Hutchinson, works in advertising, very intelligent and a good writer. That's all that matters for this post. I do know her personally through a board we serve on together.

Ok The post is about Global Warming, Environmental Issues and Our Kansas Legislators. And I think Jessica is wrong... (long pause for added drama). I actually disagree with her about one little part and that is her disappointment in Bob Bethel. I know Rep. Bethel and have a great deal of respect for him. I also have a view that Global Warming, while potentially real and something that deserves our attention, is being greatly dramatized by the media. I know this isn't exactly what Bob Bethel said but my point is there are 2 sides to the Global Warming Issue. I don't think Jessica calling Bethel irresponsible and short-sighted solves anything but... not a big deal. Jessica prompted a great discussion about this topic here on Apr 4th as well. I said the same things there that I am gonna say here.

My point in this post is this. I think Jessica's column is dead-on minus the comments about Bethel. She is saying that debating Global Warming is not the point. The point is we all have a responsibility to our planet. I couldn't agree more. We must do whatever is possible to reduce any negative effect we are having on the world we live on. I really don't think anyone disagrees with that last statement.

The definition of the word possible is where the dumb ass arguments start.

Darryl Hannah thinks we should all be off the grid and pouring cooking oil into our cars. Her career choices since Splash should let us all know not to follow her. General Motors (until very recently) thought alternative fuel automobiles were gonna be a fad and then disappear. In comes all the eco-friendly little guys and all of a sudden GM is scrambling to catch up.

Al Gore thinks we are gonna be swimming to work from melting polar ice caps in a year or 2. Bob Bethel denies any effects of carbon emissions at all. ( I don't really know what the facts on what either of those people said and I don't want to research it, I just needed examples of extremes.)

Everyone is wrong: I think they are at least.

Al Gore and Daryl Hannah are wrong and sensationalizing the problem.

Bob Bethel and General Motors (of a few years ago) are wrong and ignoring the problem.

The only two people on the planet who are right are Jessica and me and we completely disagree.

The reason we are right is because we both think we should probably quit arguing and just start doing things. We probably have different views of how far we should go to meet our duties and obligations, but we both agree it's time to quit talking and start doing. I think that is what she is saying in the column, I haven't talked to her about this so I could just be reading it all wrong.

My compromise is this: I am gonna go to the websites that Jessica suggests in her column and I am gonna pick things out of them and then I am gonna insist that all my blog readers (my mom, my wife and one of our employees who reads it cause I let him do it on the clock) start doing the things I pick. I am asking Jessica's compromise to be: let Bob Bethel believe what he believes, not call him irresponsible or short sighted and help us all meet in the middle. I would bet if you emailed Rep Bethel and asked him to start simple and move his personal life towards less of a carbon footprint, he would at least listen to you. What I believe Bethel doesn't want to do is let an over sensationalized view of the threats at hand lead to legislation that brings restrictions and guidelines that his constituents just can't afford. Not a bad approach for a legislator to take. Again I wasn't there but I would bet that's his approach. If we get rid of the "I am right and you are wrong" mentality, like I think Jessica is suggesting in her column, we can really get stuff done, I mean really accomplish something.

Be ready for me to start recommending ways to reduce your carbon footprint. (I really wish there was a less dumb-ass way to say that) saying Carbon footprint kinda makes me feel fru-fru.

The whole thing seems to tie in well to my first "I am right and you are wrong post" here.

Great Column Jessica (click here to read it. )


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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