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Kansas Sampler makes liar out of all of us.

Kansas Sampler Foundation (disclaimer ) is client of LogicMaze and we recently launched a new website project for them.

I am not even going to try and list all the things they do, it wore me out so damn bad trying to figure out everything they do to make sure it got on the website that I never want to try and deal with it all again. Luckily it's all in one place here.

Marci and Wendee are incredible, they have found something they love and then found a way to make a living at it and more importantly found a way to help boat loads of people.

The reason I titled this post Kansas Sampler Foundation makes liars out of all of us is at one time or another we have all uttered the words, "There is nothing to do around here". You can spend about 5 minutes bouncing through that website and realize there is always going to be something in our little state that is out there to do that you haven't done yet.

So whether you go to their festival or you use the map to plan a weekend road trip or you vote for the eight wonders of Kansas Architecture, use this site and try to steal some of their energy and go see our state instead of sitting on your butt and saying there is nothing to do.

I have always kinda hated the whole idea of people sitting around griping that there is nothing to do. For 2 reasons:

1. There is always stuff to do, and really boredom is a self induced state, no one can make you bored, it's a decision you make. Most of the time people that don't think there is anything to do, are just to lazy to go find something to do. If you disagree, launch a comment on here, I will take you on point by point.

2. If there truly is nothing to do (see my opinion of this being possible in point #1) start something. Go and do something about it. Get an activity going that solves the problem. I guess that's a big catch 22 cause getting off your ass and changing the situation is actually "SOMETHING TO DO" so that would be admitting that there really was something to do in first place. Sorry that last part was stupid.

My point is this, unless you are tied to a tree a blindfold and your imagination is physically removed and the tree is in a deserted empty forest. There is always something to do. Life is what you make of it. Our little State has a lot to, Hutchinson has a lot to do and a lot of cool people to go do things with, just get up and go look. Hell you don't even have to get up to look just got to Kansas Sampler Foundation's website.

I see and hear quite a few negative comments about things, with very few people actually stepping up to make a difference. Even less of people just having the ability to recognize what is already available and going out and taking advantage of it.

I promise my intention with this blog is not to push LogicMaze clients, I just really think this is a cool enough idea that everyone should check it out. Even you Nora, your not that far away.


  1. When I was 12 and my cousin was 13, we were hanging out at my house and I said, "I'm bored." He looked at me and replied, "Only boring people get bored."

    I have never been bored since. This blog post is a great illustration that philosophy. You're right on--boredom IS a self-induced state, and deserves no pity!

    Nice challenge, Cody. I guarantee if I ever made it to the Sunflower State, I'd have fun. To quote fellow Chicagoan Tiffany from Rock of Love Season One, Don't threaten me with a good time.

  2. Nora,

    You inspired me to develop my parenting gospel, now I need to take "Only boring people get bored." and make it my Gospel of something?!?!?

    Don't threaten me with a good time is great too. I love good quotes.

    AHA a post!!!!!!!

  3. I love that Nora watches Rock of Love--and if you need a reason to come to Hutch for "something to do," Bret and Poison are coming to the Kansas State Fair. "Don't need nothing, but a good time!!"

  4. Sarah, if I hadn't been born with a mutated shame gene, I never would have copped to watching that show. But it's true. Thank you, Sarah. Despite the fact that I haven't been bored since 1989, I still enjoy a good challenge. I feel that you've slapped me with the gauntlet of glam rock, funnel cakes and livestock shows. Does the Kansas State Fair have a demolition derby? If so, I might have to pile the family Gruenberg into the Bronco for a roadtrip this summer.

  5. Nora,

    I am speaking for Sarah, Mitchell and myself...

    If you don't pile the family in the Bronco and come to our fair in Sept., plain and simple, you are a punk!

    We will do everything possible to make the trip affordable and fun and again you are a punk if you don't.

    Bring Juderonomy as well.

  6. Cody, punkdom is not a deterrent. But the idea of organizing an exodus from Illinois to Kansas for the state fair is an interesting challenge. I know Jude loves a good road trip.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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