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Kids Sports dilemma???

My wife and I were both involved in athletics as kids. I think that has led to, like it probably does in a lot of cases, children of our own who enjoy sports.

First of all let me get this right out in the open, I think score keepin' competition is a great tool for helping raise kids. I think score should be kept and I don't think everyone should get a participation ribbon. I am not a crush the loser kinda guy, I just think it can be a positive and healthy tool for kids to know that you have to work to prepare and better yourself in life if you plan on succeeding in whatever you want to go after. (This part of it really isn't up for discussion on my blog here. Actually cut lose if you want but I don't want to discuss it so whatever)

The thing I am not so sure about is this...

When is enough enough? When do we need to not go to another soccer tournament and maybe just stay home for the weekend and be kids and not competitive athletes?
I go back and forth, I know that kids can be pushed to far and made to hate a activity or even worse hate the people(their parents) who are pushing them too hard.

I also see and understand the argument that hard work and perseverance lead to achieving goals and that if the other team or the other participant works just a little bit harder, they may in fact see more success. I do think that is a valuable life lesson.

In fact the answer to to all of this is obvious and common sense, you have to find a middle of the road, a meet in middle happy place. This place is the point where you are pushing your child just enough to learn lessons about hard work, team goals and all the other positive lessons that can come from competition, but not pushing them too far. Not pushing them to a point where they burnout from the activity or hate you or learn to despise the whole concept. OK, so thats easy, right? Find the middle ground and ride the fence!?

Bullshit!!! It's hard as hell. Especially for competitive, driven person, who also prides himself on being a good Dad and works his butt off to raise level-headed kids who understand common sense and function rationally.

It is the one thing in life that really perplexes me.

I will revisit this topic regularly.


  1. I kept score even when I was a coach. It always irked me that when I wasn't coaching that other kids got to play not because they were the best but because of what Daddy did for a living. I also had the no nose-picking, no grabbing yourself rule in public. It worked I raised competive hard-working children. Who were upset with watered-down grades and other unfairness in this everyone is entitled to an award for sports or grades or whatever world. I was called at times ugly names (not by my kids) but others. It didn't bother me.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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