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Speed Blog for this week

OK I have this habit of emailing myself stuff I want to blog about and I end up with hundreds of things in my "For Blog"folder in Gmail. (IF you use Gmail and use Fireofox, get The Better Gmail 2 add-on right now.) OK so I was looking at my own suggestions for blog topics and here's what I decided to do. I have 4 somewhat time sensitive topics I want to touch on before this weekend and I am gonna cram them all into one blog post and see how (6 or 7) readers react. Might be a stupid idea, if so I won't ever do it again. Might be the greatest idea ever and we will all retire off it. Might fall in the middle somewhere.

Here we go...

1. Micheael Beasley declared for the NBA Draft after Freshman year. Some say 19 year olds can't handle NBA pressure. B.S. look at a little guy named LeBron. Some can't handle it your right but some 45 year olds can't handle that kinda pressure. He did the smart thing. If he is a good human being (who really knows, I don't) he will handle it fine. If he is a jerk-off, he wouldn't handle it well in 3 more years anyhow. Best of luck Mike!!! Call me if you need help with your cross-over. One of the 10,000 articles about it on ESPN. Mark Cuban saying I am wrong.
I usually agree with Mark Cuban, not this time, no big deal.

2. A Bush advisor said skipping Olympic opening ceremonies would be a cop-out. I agree 100% the Olympics are a sacred and Historic thing. Keep politics the hell out of them. Period.
ESPN article. There are better ways to pressure China to change.

3. Walmart is gonna start filming Gun Buyers. I say go for it. Ok back up, I am a gun-toting (not literally on me right now) Second Amendment guy, with a little compromise sprinkled in. But I think filming people that want to buy a gun is just fine. It's fine for Walmart as a private company to decide to do that. Not ok for the Government to mandate. Hell it's ok for every gun retailer to decide to do it, we just don't need a damn (Just for you Birmingham) law saying they have to do it. Yahoo news article.

4. The Masters...

I love the Masters, I am not a huge Golfer (I am horrible, but do it a little) but watching the Masters on TV makes me feel like I am watching history every time I turn it on. It's incredible and the course is beautiful and it challenges even the worlds best, even when they are at their best. And this jackass is asking to make it easier??? That's bleeding heart, no political references intended so all my left-side friends don't react. The Masters is the Masters cause Augusta kicks peoples asses. Please don't make it easier for this moron's sake.

Have a good weekend!!

Daughter has a soccer tournament here in Hutchinson, Ks. I will try to post some updates.


  1. 1. Go Mike.

    2. Skipping the opening ceremonies would be weak.

    3. Big deal. Everything is under surveillance, anyway.

    4. If it's the "new and improved Augusta", then it must be time for the players to step it up.

    Cody--blogging in shorthand is a good time. I vote yes on the new format.

  2. 1.I don’t agree completely. I think the draft eligibility should be either straight from HS (my preference for pure free enterprise reasons) or Mark Cuban’s position, 22 years old or college graduation. The current 19 years old, one year in college, rule is a joke and doesn’t add significant maturity or benefit to the athlete (besides a year of lost pay and one measly year towards a degree) and certainly doesn’t help the idea and purpose of collegiate sports.

    2. Sorry, but the Olympics is a political event . . . whether it is Hitler’s propaganda vs. the extraordinary Jesse Owens, terrorist attacks against Israeli athletes in Munich, raising a black power salute in Mexico City or the US boycotting the Moscow Olympics for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Skipping the opening ceremonies (which is like a parade, fireworks and dancers), but not boycotting the games to protest China’s Human Rights record or the occupation of Tibet seems like a reasonable proposition if those issues are at all important to the competing nations.

    3. Wow! Something I agree with Wal-Mart. I am shocked. No problem government mandating either. You can still buy one, you just have to smile for the camera.

    4. This ain’t Putt-Putt….Make it hard.

  3. Dave--good point on the opening ceremonies, but don't you think skipping the ceremonies yet still competing in the games in Beijing is a little hypocritical? I think if we were to sit out the opening ceremonies, still competing in the games would undermine the message.

  4. No. I don't think it is hypocritical. It would be a symbolic protest, and would certainly convey a message without overly punishing the athletes. I personally think a games boycott overly punishes the athletes, but Bush or Condi skipping the opening ceremony would be fine.

    For example, and not to start an argument over their actions, but I don't think it was inconsistent for the U.S. athletes in Mexico City to represent the U.S.A. and compete but than express their civil rights concerns through a symbolic protest of a raised fist.

  5. OK I am fighting the urge to go wacky high and right.

    Private action to curb gun-violence is the only way it will work. Period and if we use the Government to mandate it.. We just create turmoil.

    We should applaud WalMart's efforts and encourage more private retailers to do the same and keep the Federal Government out of it. Completely. Not out of all gun laws, not what I am saying, just don't make them make a new law if we can do it privately.

    The Olympics is not a political event inherently. Human interference and egos have made it that over the years, but it itself is not. Wouldn't it be great if no matter what we thought of each other or how we felt about each others beliefs, we could have this one thing that we didn't screw all up with political crap. I am not saying "Screw Tibet" I think we should use our capabilities to pressure China into improving human rights issues. But we have this tendency to make everything political for the sake of "Symbolic Protest". That is the exact kinda crap that has made the Olympics a political event.

    On the going pro thing, Dave, you are dead on. the "Spend One Year in College is ridiculous. Kinda a worthless "Symbolic Protest" to the idea of going Pro right out of high school.

    Sorry stupid analogy for the sake of being kinda catty.

    Masters Tournament - Steve Elling just wrote a silly article there.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Nora don't let Dave make you stray, he is very smart and very persuasive, but I think you could take him one on one.


  6. Heh heh. I'm not scared of nuthin' or nobody! Actually, Dave's argument made sense to me. Look at you, Cody, all tryin' to instigate.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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