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This weekend.

OK I thought I was cool enough to use the blog to kinda "Live Blog" at the big youth soccer tournament in Hutch, using my Blackberry. The technology worked, and I understood it, I just didn't have the discipline to actually take my focus off the game and do it.

The girls lost in the championship game, big downer but they will learn from it.

Ok 2 other quick things I want to cover.

Jessica Miller sent me another website to check out , That's what I am talking about Jessica!!! Easy to incorporate ideas that aren't tremendously inconvenient and some even have the financial benefit spelled out very well. I am throwing support behind this one. Matt Neal, take your ultra-conservative ass over to find one thing you are willing to do and jump on-board the "meet in the middle" wagon.

Personally in my family we got our first 2 Dillons reusable bags. Now, do not gripe at me or my wife if we end up at Dillons using plastic bags a few times in the future, we live 15 miles from a Dillons and if we forget them we will probably shop without them. But we are moving forward.

I saw Oprah did the "No disposable cups at Harpo anymore" Seems easy enough. Maybe we should get coffe cups so we can make some money??? HMMMMM?!?!?

Ok go to Jessica recommends it and so do I. I will continue to find the ones that make financial sense and have that be my main reason for adopting the new habits, but who cares what my reason is right?! Right???

Second thing I wanted to deal with is this article Mary Rintoul wrote, I am gonna deal with it in a backwards way, I am gonna post a link and see if I get any comments. It freaking infuriated me, I will tell you that upfront. But, what I want is for someone to comment and calm me down, maybe prove me wrong and I won't have to dive head first into a crap storm.

Mary is the managing editor of the Hutch News, an amazing accomplishment in this entirely sexist world.

Here's the link.

Holy crap, I just clicked the link, to make sure it was right and the google ad on the Hutch News page is a huge picture of Hillary with the question "Should Hillary Quit?".

Answer is ... "YES, Please.


  1. Sexism, race, whatever aside; Hilary should really consider her odds of beating Obama and consider dropping out, rather than continuing to oppose him and giving McCain fodder to use against him in the general election.

    There are people out there that don't want to vote for her. Does that make them sexist? Not necessarily. Will people jump on the first opportunity to call sexism? Shit yes they will.

    I'm not denying the sexism and racism. I'm just saying that they are not the only reason.

    And as for the headline of the article:
    Sexism goes unnoticed in presidential campaign

    beebeebeebeep: NEWSFLASH! It hasn't gone unnoticed. You'd expect the managing editor of a newspaper to maybe ... I don't know ... READ A LITTLE NEWS! She's not exactly breaking a story.

  2. She's the first woman to campaign for the presidency. If she didn't expect a little "Iron my shirts, woman" backlash, then she's delusional. This Mary chick has her back up, and, as a woman, I can see her point, but come on. Like Mitchell said, catch up, lady. It's politics and Hilary plays just as dirty as the dirtiest mud-slinger. She can take it. If she can't, it's time for her to quit. Somehow I don't think she's that worried about hecklers.

    I think that race and gender are obscuring ... everything that really matters. It's made for entertaining campaigning, which might be good for getting the population's attention, but is it good for choosing the right policy maker? Is it good for choosing the right agenda? To me, it's like funny commercials that don't really sell me on the products.

  3. First off..
    Great comments, thanks.

    Nora says, "I think that race and gender are obscuring ... everything that really matters."


    I don't despise all media, just some.

  4. I'm not sure this is something worth being "infuriated" over. However, I might be a little concerned that someone in such an influential position is voting for someone based on the fact that they get picked on, rather than their platform or stances on the issues.

    It's really unfortunate that racism, sexism, ___ism seem to get more traction from the groups that are trying to stamp them out nowadays than from anyone else. How do they ever expect to beat the problem if they themselves can't see beyond it?

  5. Scott,

    Maybe it bothers us to different degrees and maybe I needed to someone to say... "Not that big of a deal, Cody"

    But what you are saying is what gets me riled up. She is seriously contemplating voting for Hillary because she got picked on? WTF?? The Managing Editor of a newspaper goes that route with her editorial???

    I also get very frustrated with your other point as well. I am not say Racism and Sexism don't happen, I know they do and they always will in some ignorant form or another. What if, maybe, Hillary had the stones to just not let it bother her so she didn't address it and therefore it didn't get quite as much press as Mary thinks it should. The men that said it are stupid, the whole thing is stupid and dealing with it in the editorial of a decent distribution newspaper is stupid.

    I know this doesn't go with my meet in the middle and compromise preaching, but... I don't want to get together and find a common ground with the guys screaming "Iron My Shirt" either.

    It does infuriate me, probably shouldn't, can't help it.

  6. Cody...Relax. One newspaper editor’s reason for selecting a candidate that is based on her frustration with some idiotic comments made in a crowd several months ago is certainly no reason to be infuriated.

    You are right. It is a dumb reason to pick a candidate, but people pick their candidates for lots of dumb reasons. Some people pick candidates because the candidate is a POW, or a woman, or a born again Christian, or someone they would like to have a beer with. Others don't vote for a candidate because his name rhymes with a terrorist, he is a Mormon or he looks ridiculous windsurfing. Simply chalk this up to one more dumb reason to solely pick a candidate.

  7. ohhh...I also love reusable grocery bags, and while I forget them all the time, it always feels good when I do remember them. Ubiquitous plastic bags suck.

  8. Ok Dave and Scott....

    I am prepared to admit I shouldn't be as upset as I am. Drives me nuts to think the lady in our community that is in charge of running our main source of local new could write something that ignorant. I read it this morning and really let it get under my skin. Which is sunburnt from a soccer tournament this weekend. I will try to not fly off the handle over stuff like that anymore.

    Doesn't change how I fel about it. She should be embarrassed to put her name and title on the editorial

  9. If she wants to come off as ignorant, she did a great job.

    But perhaps she just aspires to get a job on Fox News or CNN. Obviously she would need to participate in some sort of exorcism to rid herself of Hillary-love to be on Fox News, but she already seems to have the requisite sense of what's not news.

    Journalism isn't news anymore.

  10. I have completely reverted to reading news cause I can choose to ignore and move on easier. I have really manipulated my RSS feeds to only give me the news I want. I do still pull Hutch News into my Blackberry cause of the local touch. So anyway, Scott I agree.

  11. I just came back to this cause Mitchell asked me what came of the discussion. The whole woe is me, let's make a big deal about sexism in the election is still pissing me off. I think it would piss Hillary off too! I don't know, ok sorry Dave, I am done.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I'm registered as a Republican. But, that doesn't mean a hell of a lot. I haven't missed voting since I was 21(you had to be 21 back then). I voted for Pat Paulson and Ross Perot (damn, they were good). I have never 'Backed' any candidate - none of them have ever lived up to what they said. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan may have been the ones to give it their best try.
    I'll vote for anyone that isn't affiliated with the 2 big parties this year. It's all media crap.
    There are other people that want to run this nation as the top guy. But, we never hear much about them Do we? I don't even know who they are. If they aren't having sex with someone or loaded with money, we never will know who they are.
    Yes, Hilary shoul get the hell out of the race - along with Obombalu and sugar cane.

  14. It is 2012. At first when I saw should Hillary Quit? I thought you meant as Secretary. Are you still angry? I know plenty of dyed in the wool democrats who would have voted for Hillary not for the reasons stated by Mary Rintoul. But because they believed in her and they are so upset with what they got they are not going to vote for the winner. Race and Sex had nothing to do with it. It was they felt their party had betrayed them. I personally feel that the media bought the last election. What does it matter what Oprah says vote for? Babs Walters, or Brad Pitt? We need to think who we want to vote for, not vote for someone because it is the cool thing to do. Otherwise we become mindless sheep. If we haven't already.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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