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What is a blog? How do I read it? How can I keep up with it?

Ok I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence. We are gonna go real basic on some tech stuff here and if you already know all about blogs and RSS and all things cool. Click here and read about Kate's Challenge and then email Kate and tell her you will help her by pledging money or time or something. Or you could not do that, not read this post and lean back and bitch about there being nothing to do.

OK Blog. It is a shortened version of Web Log, thats it, a blog is a journal online for everyone to read and it has the ability to let people leave comments and for the author to organize and insert media files. Click Here for Wikipedias page on Blogs. Wikipedia by the way kicks ass. We will talk about that later.

OK over on the right side of my blog you will see lot's of stuff. Most of it is so self explanatory I won't go into it but there are a couple of things folks keep asking about. in your email - that seems pretty simple right??? Just type your email in there, hit subscribe and once a day (I have my blog set to sometime in between 7am and 9am) you will be emailed all the posts off my blog in the previous 24 hours. Easy right?

Under in your email is the Share/Subscribe section - ok this get a little more complicated but very, very, cool and very easy once you actually make an attempt to grasp it.

The first three options all deal with RSS feeds.

stands for Really Simple Syndication and thats really all it is.
You get an RSS reader, either web based (meaning on a website you control (an igoogle page or a myYahoo page for instance) or you can also get RSS readers that download to your computer.
Click here for a Google search of RSS readers there are literally thousands of options. If you don't want to research it, I recommend just going here getting a google account and then going here and getting a Google reader account and adding google reader to your igoogle home page. To learn how to use Google Reader go here, the guy kinda sounds crazy, but it's a neat tutorial. Google Reader will allow you to subscribe to any website with that has an RSS feed (including it will make getting, organizing and reading any and all info you want from the internet much, much easier. This is just my opinion there are literally thousands of options and I am not claiming to know the best choice, but Google Reader works great for me. If you have a Blackberry get viigo right now, it is the most incredible organizer of info/news you ever saw. Point your Blackberry browser to and you can download it there. It is sweet, all my news, sports scores and subscriptions from all over the internet are fed directly to my Blackberry immediately when the website publishes them.

Next in the subscribe share section you will see Share on Facebook, a link to Delicious and a link to Bloglines. These are all Social Networking sites, sites were you can share your stuff. Any stuff you want really. If you don't belong to any of these sites that's cool, go check them out whenever you want, or don't. If you do share on them often. They are just ways to organize your info and share it with others and find people you know or have things in common with. I personally like Facebook. I have found alot of old high school friends and a few Marine Corps buddies. It gives me a place to post things and stay in contact with friends around the world. Again if it's not for you it's not, but if you tried it, you might be surprised. It's not just a high school kids game anymore. If you join Facebook do a search for me and I will get you started. Just search for my name. I promise you will find people you know on it.

Anyhow theres the first tech class. I know it was way below some of you and might have gone a little bit over the heads of some. I did my best.

If you have questions here is my contact info or just leave a comment.

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