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Why do you back them???

I just put a poll up on the blog here, it's at the top of the right sidebar. (on the top of every page, on the right)

Use the comments on this post to comment on the poll and I will chime in after I sucker someone else into starting comment flow.



  1. perceived personal integrity + stance on issues (kicker: AS SHOWN BY THEIR VOTING RECORD)

  2. Cody, I must start by saying based on what Matt Neal has said about you, your commentary on the Matt & Arock show, and your blog, you are definitely my kind of “people”. Never mind you were a Marine. (HA HA) I was Army. At least you had the courage and took the responsibility to serve which many “haters” don’t.

    Anyway…I voted other in your poll. I do not back a candidate for any public office based on any one thing. I am a registered Republican and consider myself a conservative. I do lean towards the Republican Party first. Then their stance on the issue (especially the ones that effect me and my family most). As for their personal integrity, when it comes to higher office, I truly believe none of them have any. Some are just worse than others, ie. the Clintons. After that, if there isn’t a candidate that I agree with and can get behind, I look elsewhere. I certainly do not vote straight down the Party line just “because“. If to me, there is no viable candidate for that office, then I will vote for the Republican candidate.

    I hope this will get things going.
    Matt Z.

  3. Heh heh. The whole political thing going on here in Cody Talks reminds me of the '84 election. I was in second grade at a tiny rural elementary school, and we had a mock election. At the time, I wasn't much of a critical thinker. I just put a check in the box next to Mondale, because that's who I assumed was the guy to go with--I imagine I absorbed some dinner-table talk between my parents.

    After the ballots were counted, only two of the thirty of us had voted for Mondale--myself and my best friend, Carolyn. I think she voted for Mondale because I did. Otherwise, the cheese would have stood alone.

    I'm cracking up laughing at this memory, because now I think the exercise was less about teaching a crew of seven year olds about the American political process and was much more about the teachers finding out who our parents were voting for.

    And now I wonder, too, how much peer pressure applies to voters. Are there closeted party supporters that don't voice their opinions because they don't want to have to explain themselves to their friends? Are there public dems who secretly cheer war-hawking or corporate CEOs who want nothing more than to hug a tree?

    At least your poll is anonymous, Cody. Mrs. Gamboa knew right away that I was the one who checked Mondale and Carolyn's crimson blush, from her embarrassment for choosing the "loser", exposed her, too.

    Anyway, just wanted to share. This is good fun.

    Vote Mondale!

  4. First of all, let me say I voted and when I hit submit, I waited for some scary clown to jump out and startle me or some other internet gimmick to get me. Cause to be honest, the answers listed there really make that poll seem like a joke with regards to politicians.

    But nontheless, I stuck with what I thought was only logical answer: stance on issues. I perceive personal integrity to be a ticking some point, most of what a candidate tells us will disenigrate and the reality will slap us in the face.

    The power of voting strictly a political party is diminished because almost every topic in these days takes some sort of bi-partisan cooperation to be dealt with accordingly.

    And "other" is just too broad and leads to potential ridiculous answers like "she is a women" or "he is black" or "he is not a woman nor black".

    I'm all about having a say in the political process and think that is one of the things that makes our USA amazing. But I'm just not sure how to know how to handle the opportunity when everything I hear has two sides and 472 viewpoints and by the end all candidates are evil. I love this country!

  5. What a wonderfully messy topic! I voted "personal integrity," though it is of course more complex than that.

    As much flack as Hillary Clinton has taken for the "who do you want answering the phone at 3am" commercial, I actually think it's a pretty good question. Issues are important, and there are certainly deal breakers for me. But at the end of the day, I care much more about a candidate's character and about how they demonstrate their ability to handle situations. Of course you have to peer through a lot of politics to see these things-- or do you?

    I don't want to take this conversation onto the tangent of current politics, so I'll speak vaguely: if my favorite candidate doesn't win the primary, I'll probably vote for the other party because I don't want the other democratic choice "answering the phone at 3am" even though I agree with them more on the issues.

  6. Holy Sh*T!!!

    Jeff reaches way back swings hard and knocks it out of the park.

    Everyone else kinda stammered aorund it, but Jeff got it eaxactly right in my opinion and he is a democrat!!! (I think, from his comments.)

    We have got to stop over prioritizing issues so much. The vast majority of the issues, the president actually has very little power to change. I know, I know it's way easier to debate issues!! But what if at the next presidential debate, they were all in sound proof booths and they came out individually to answer questions like "What would you do if you got the call at 3:00??"

    Yes I know they will lie but if they stammer around and refused to nut-up and answer on a question like that they will look like idiots and those of us paying attention will know. If they have the stones to answer the question with conviction, they are much more lilely to get my vote unless they say "I would send Men to die in Somolia and then pull-out when it got a little rough." No stones there.

    Ok keep voting and way more importantly, the comments. This is great, no bullshit about why you should vote for this person or that one allowed, just why you would vote for whomever you choose.

    Actually if we wanted crap to evolve and get smarter this is the question that needs addressed.It is relatively insignificant in my opinion who you actually vote for, the USA will make it through it, I truly believe that. If we could get folks to really ponder "Why am I choosing this person?" I think the political system in our country could evolve better.

  7. Nora,

    The Mondale comment was a complete crack-up, thats awesome. Made me reponder Juderonomy for leading you towards Mondale though????

    Just kidding still loving the Jude, you got her on twitter yet??

  8. I'm looking for a candidate that I could really have a few beers and maybe steal a car with.

    ... didn't ... uh ... see that one on the poll, though.

  9. Okay, I need some guidance (a little bit from Jeff and a whole bunch from Cody). I'm all for voting for integrity, but how do we break down the history of lies, poor decisions, cover-ups, all the things that happen when you take a good person and load them up with the political pressures of being in charge and in demand from people that will pay to corrupt them?

    Maybe I just get too bombarded with the negative side of the political world from the media to believe that no matter what the three presidential candidates tell me about what they will do when the phone rings at 3am, I can't help think what other naughty things they might doing at that time that is getting interuppted!!!

  10. Cody, if I pitted Juderonomy against you, it'd be fun to watch.

    Would you believe it if I told you she's a war-hawk in dove's feathers?

  11. Nate Dogg,

    I don't think you need any help.
    I think the system needs to adapt a little bit.

    But then again that has to start with us. We have to make judgment calls that's the joy/downfall of voting.

    If we all voted for whom we trust the most and not who is gonna try to up hold Roe v Wade (or vice-versa), I think it would be a better system. If we voted for who we think is the best leader and not who is gonna protect my gun rights(again, and vice-versa as well)I think it would have alot more thought behind it. I don't have all the details worked out, quit yelling at me.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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