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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Wiley Building Hutchinson Ks ---- The Saga Continues.

Kate posted this on the YP Reno County Blog.

At first I thought oh crap here we go another round of bureaucratic non-sense to drag this process out even further.
(I already dealt with this issue of the Wiley Building once) Just do what I said and get it over with.

Then I got a little control of my ego (not completely, just reined in a little) and thought I should calm down. Then I realized this "Public Meeting" is exactly the next step in the process that should happen.

So go voice your opinion or even better yell out "I read on that....." that will really help your good standing in the community.

The public meeting is a good idea as long as action items are formed out of it.

Sidenote: Deciding to create a sub-committee to see if we should have any more committees or if we should be making decisions at all with out turning it to a vote or just shelving it and letting the building rot more.....

Those aren't action items.

Added note: Good Discussion on Hutchinson Kansas Wiley Building Here

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