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The art of extreme......

(Pic is of a training platoon I was in, in 1994. We had just finished a several mile long fin in 50-55 degree water. I am not saying no one else in the world could do it... I am saying I couldn't do it anymore and that pisses me off. I am the tall goofy guy 4 or 5 places from the right in the back row. )

Scott posted a quote here that kinda inspired me at first and then kinda made me mad at myself.

There was a point in my life when I had the internal drive to push myself to literally be the best at whatever I decided I wanted to be the best at. At least in an elite bracket, if not the best.

The Marine Corps really installed that philosophy in me and some of the things I accomplished there definitely put me (at that time, 12-13 years ago) in a caliber that could be considered elite. The Marines in my unit where the best in the world at what we did, I wasn't any better than any of them, but I was right there with them and we pushed ourselves to sometimes unimaginable extremes to maintain bragging rights. Oh yeah and to make sure we complete any mission assigned to us.

Ok 13 years go by, Scott posts a quote in my ridiculous little quote challenge and I realize, I have kinda begun to live on the stories from 13 years ago. I gotta tell my kids about the cool, hardcore shit I was doing before they were born. Seems silly I should be leading them by example, not through history.

Here's the plan.

1. Physical Fitness: I am not a complete fat blob, but I do have an old 3 wheeler tire that I carry under my shirt right around my waistline. I am gonna get rid of it. I have been talking about it for the last 5 years its been constantly growing there. No more talking.

2. Pursuit of excellence: I have tried to use how hard I work at work as my, "I am really going after it" speech to my kids. They are 11 and 8, being the best I can be at selling websites, isn't really captivating them. I have about 5 things in my life that I want to get ALOT better at, I will pick one and we will track progress here on codytalks. Right out in front of all 6 of you.

3. Ongong Discipline Tests: In the Marines, we would fight, maybe sometimes start fights. We would do risky things just for the sake of proving to ourselves we could do it. I am not headed for any more barfights in my life, I am also not looking to do anymore jumping off cliffs or trying to free dive to 100 ft in the ocean. I don't want to die, I just want to live a little bit more and push my self outside of work as much as I do at work. I kinda got content and used excuses like too busy and kids activities and mostly, work is taking all my time and I quit living life a little bit. It's a discipline test to make myself change and it starts today.

Literally today May 1st 2008, More details will come and I am gonna use the fact that I laid it out here in public to serve as my own type of peer pressure.

I will create a category called Extreme Cody and all the future posts wil go in there.

Send ideas if you want I will have the whole plan laid out by Monday morning.

Wikipedia on Steve Prefontaine here!!


  1. It's triathlon time, Cody! Maybe it's not the most original idea, but I bet it would kick your ass.

  2. Nora,

    You may have read my mind, but.. I got think for a day or two, I refuse to fail in my plans so they need to be realistic.

  3. You inspire me to make some personal improvements in my own life. We should all challenge ourselves to a personal version of extreme Cody.

  4. I have a friend (who never was a Marine) and he posted to his blog every day from the gym, with a 5 dollar bounty to whoever figured out he didn't post that day.

    That's probably not what it would take for everybody, but he liked it.

  5. If you're going to get this serious, you should probably watch the movie. Minus the part where the ending makes you cry, it'll be a good start for this plan.

  6. HutchRec is putting on their 2008 Salty Dog/Salty Pup Triathlon.

    8 a.m. Saturday, June 28.

    "I got your back"

  7. Here's what we can do:

    I'll randomly attack you throughout the day, like Cato from The Pink Panther. Then we'll both get in great shape!

  8. Scott,

    Thanks a bunch for pointing out I am a movie crier...
    I post a picture of me training in the Marine Corps special forces and you point out that I am a movie crier...

    Do you see how that is working against me here?

    I just moved the movie to the top of my netflix queue!!!

    Donald Sutherland - ???

    Issac, Loving it, went to the sight even love the phrase "Personal Online Transparency", ask Chris if I can steal it a little bit and let me know.


    Just knowing that you typed on here that it inspired you is enough, but... If you actually move on it all the better. Keep us posted.

  9. While “extreme cody” is inspiring, I guess I don’t buy into the whole extreme change/discipline, etc. thing for regular life. I think of many great college athletes I know (or Marines), who went from 100 miles an hour to 0. They were use to constantly pushing themselves and discipline was a lifestyle. When that structure was gone, they simply did nothing. IMHO, the key to living a healthy/successful life is moderation and sustainability.

    For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t start running 5 miles a day and only eat rice cakes, do it slow and steady, with gradual goals (lose a pound a week by eating smaller portions/healthier food and run/walk 30 minutes every other day). Don’t sign up for a marathon, sign up for a 5k first. This can apply to everything, if you want to meet certain financial goals (pay off credit cards, buy a house, save for kid’s college) don’t cut all other spending, but set gradual, smaller goals, that are sustainable, habit forming and motivational. If you want to improve professionally, don’t simply work extreme hours, but set small, gradual goals (network once a week, improve one aspect of your work performance at a time, etc.). Want to live more eco-friendly, don’t sell your car and build a windmill, but change your light bulbs and resolve to bike to work once a week, while gradually increasing your goals. This can apply to everything, whether your goal is to watch less TV, spend more time with your kids, quit smoking, read more books, or remodel your home. Small, incremental, sustainable changes that are habit forming are the best way.

    Otherwise, I think it is too easy to burn out, lose steam, or set the bar to high to realistically meet your goal. It is too easy to simply quit if you hit a plateau, slip into old habits or can’t keep up. I have had success with this habit forming approach, losing weight, reading more, volunteering in the community, etc.

    That is just my two cents. That being said, I wish “extreme cody” luck, and will interested to follow his progress—and think group peer pressure is a good way to keep on track.

  10. Holy Shit, Michelle's comment on this post is now best comment ever. Cato from the Pink Panther!!! That's awesome!!!!

  11. Dave, is absolutely right, in life success is found by attacking something slow and steady and sticking with it.

    Dave, I am by no means changing my whole life to "Extreme Cody" or I would just change the name of the blog.

    I just have this part of me that wants to find a few things that really do kick my ass. A few things, consisting of a very small part of my life that I have to push myself like freaking crazy to be successful at.

    I am not into extreme lifestyles and didn't mean to represent that.

    I just want to do something, not everything.

    I also understand that even that is not for everyone. Just something I had the urge to do for a long time and just sat around and thought about it by myself and decided to use this blog to push myself or fail miserably in front of friends.

  12. So my wife throws in...

    "Here's a link to a triathlon , get it done!!"

    Anyone else take that as ...

    "Your right, you are fat honey, hurry up and do something about it."


  13. Cody, that sounds suspiciously like womanspeak. "So, you DO think I'm fat!"

    I'll bet she's just helping you make good on your threats to be extreme. Go, Tamara. And I don't really think that's extreme extremity. A friend of mine started training for a triathlon when she was in terrible shape, and she pulled it off. If she could do it, hell, I bet even I could.

    And don't try to turn the tables on me, pally. I'm way cool with my unextreme lifestyle. But you should totally do it. You've got all the information, thanks to your wife!

  14. I think you shoudl join my father's dream of climibing a 14er in CO. For flatlanders, that is a mountian which peaks at 14,000 feet or above. There are a crazy number of them in CO. My fathers dream is for the two of us to do this together and for it to be on a mountain where you can't drive halfway up the mountain and there aren't a million tourists there. Start at the bottom, carry all your own stuff and climb the mountain.

    I find this to be one of the most statisfying things in the world. I used to do a lot of this stuff solo. But, those are stories for another day and another blog.

  15. Kate,

    Your on the right path, not sure, I think trying to go die on Everest is silly but Colorado, maybe. Have your Dad get all the details together and send me a proposal. Kidding of course. It is on the list of maybes.

  16. I was just talking to a friend last night, who makes a New Year's resolution to try something new every year and she does; of those she signed up for dance lessons and will be perfoming in a recital this month, ran a triatholon last year and didn't know how to swin or own a bike. She took swin lessons and bought a bike and competed and will probably do it again this year.
    Here's to your Prefontaine moment!
    Just let us know if you are going to be completing in Hutch, so we can come cheer ya on!
    I've toyed with the idea of running a 5K in July in my've inspired me...I'll do it.

  17. Sarah,

    The new years resolution thing that you actually stick is a great example. I used to be that guy, honest!!

    Go for it on the 5K!!!

  18. Nate "I'm better then Cody" DoggMay 2, 2008 at 8:51 PM

    While I respect Dave's comments, I have to say that I don't think that more slow, subtle plan is for everyone. It's not for me. I think some people can handle the 180 degree change, many people can't.

    I have a ridiculous brother-in-law who is a lot like me. We always joke (key word is JOKE) that we want to do a crazy addictive drug once or twice, just so we can stop doing it and prove that most every other drug user is weak and could stop if they wanted to. * Editor's note: at no point will I do an illegal drug for recreational or experimental purposes. I can cause enough fun in my life with an occasional bottle of whiskey!

    I personally believe life is mostly mental and supported by a physical ability. If you want to run a marathon, train like hell to run a marathon and don't ever quit because it is not fun or uncomfortable or it running for that long just sucks. If you want to do a 14ker, buy some boots and start climbing stairs or any other elevated platform. If the triathlon is the feat, jump in the water, air up the tires and lace up the shoes...don't make excuses about weather, blisters, sleep or hung-overness. JUST GET IT DONE (that is my combo Nike and Larry the Cable Guy motivational slogan!)Basically, whatever you want to do, get mentally strong, physically fit and don't quit.

    With that said, I'll all in to match whatever Cody the Extreme wants to do. I've seen Cody...I'm not worried about being bested. Bring it on!!!

  19. I was talking about the general you. You pointed out that you personally are a movie crier.

  20. Nate, yes I can run 5k, DoggMay 3, 2008 at 9:01 PM

    I changed my mind...I'm calling all of us out (at least the ones in and around Reno County, Kansas, USA. In Sarah's post, she is speaking of a 5k run that takes place in Ellinwood, Kansas in late July. Ellinwood is about an hour from here. I'm joining Sarah in this run and am saying Cody and anyone else reading that wants to caravan that moving to make the trip should join us. We could even buy team shirts or something ridiculously funny like that. And for those of you that are wondering, yes, there is a beer garden in town that we can all partake in shortly after the race!

    Late July, 5k've all been challenged. Post here if you are interested, but also e-mail me directly at if you want to joing the winners!

  21. I am in in Ellinwood, I think my wife is committing as well.

    Let's do it.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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