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Logo Contest Updates and Teen Centers

The logo contest submissions have come rolling in!

I uploaded them all to the slide show on the right side bar there so check them out.

A couple are from my kids and it feels pretty cool that they took the time to do that.

Nori is probably in the lead right now with the diaper shots.

Keep 'em coming.

One last thing I wanted to touch on...

I think we are about to dive head first into the idea of researching the need/feasibility of a teen center here in Hutch!!!! If you go here you will see the post that started the whole thing. If you go here you will see the facebook group in support of the idea.

Here's what I need, I need the readers of to chime in here and let me know what you think. It sure seems like a big group of kids have some legitimate ideas/concerns and are willing to act on it. I would love some input from all of you on here whom I respect very much. Don't need to be from Hutch, just let me know what you think of this whole idea.

Does Hutch need a teen center?? Why? Why Not?


  1. i've been reading comments on facebook, sounds like kids are pretty excited. as a parent, i'd love to see someplace for the kids to go and hang out, very cool idea of having student art and using it as a place for the local music scene. i'm a little confused by why kids don't seem interested in the "Club" - my own daughters are more interested in hanging out at metro. is it because at metro, no one is an adult in charge of them - they are just paying customers like everyone else? if that is the case, how do you replicate that feeling while still maintaining some sort of rules - maybe let the kids manage the place themselves? just a thought. i'm in for whatever happens. i could probably help facilitate some sort of meeting to get people face-to-face, teens and adults if interested. Let me know!

  2. A teen center has been tried several times in Hutch. Each time it has closed because the funding isn't there. I think it would be a great thing to have in Hutch, but I don't see the city supporting it. First there has to be a place. Second there has to be a staff, and lastly there needs to be activities.

    For it to be successful, the city, or some other organization must fund it. A pool table and 1 TV won't cut it. The kids must be engaged in activity. Couple of PS3's, internet access, HDTV's..... It must have a paid staff. Volunteers won't cut if for the long term.

    I think it's a great idea, and a need, but I don't see it happening. With everything Hutch needs, a teen center probably isn't a top priority

  3. Why can't they just drink and smoke like I did when I was a teenager? You don't need a facility for that. When I was a teen the closest thing we had to a teen center, was when someones parents left town for the weekend.

  4. What else does Hutch need mlizalde???

    What else does Hutch need that would take priority and is actually feasible???

    Give me examples of things we could actually do to make progress.

    Let's do something...

    Pick a project, get several hundred people behind it and lets get the ball rolling. Otherwise your point needs work.

  5. I don't want to discourage any larger plans in anyway, shape or form but I have some alternative, intermediate or beginning ideas which wouldn't rely so heavily on city resources. Often if you want something bigger, you start smaller and show the need, the following...or the alternate turns into something nice.

    We live in Sugar Land, which is a suburb of Houston. 10 years ago it was the size of Hutch, now the population has doubled.

    In the last couple of years, the open Town Square around the courthouse has become a place for teens to hang out.

    Movies Under the Moon is a popular and recurring theme. Each month folks vote on the homepage for the movie they'd like to see the next month. Then they bring lawnchairs or a blanket and the movie runs between 8:30 and midnight. Since Hutch has the Fox, the idea may not work so well there but there is something about sitting outside on a summer night that we've lost since drive ins are largely a thing of the past.

    On other nights they have free ballroom dancing lessons in the square. Our 17 year old son isn't taking those but he's having a great time taking square dancing lessons with a bunch of his friends from school. He was sure he wouldn't like it but if anyone of you have ever done it, it's really fun. People forget how unselfconscious you get when your following set moves called by someone else.

    Though I haven't seen it in a while, I think line dancing is about to cycle back in again. Alan Jackson has a new video out with the world's longest line dance and it's doing well. Line dancing is another one of those things that may not look like fun but when you get into just doing the steps, maybe throw in some two stepping and ten stepping later on down the line, you lose that self-conscious thing that teens may have started with. Anyone who's done it knows it's easy once you get on the floor.

    There are also the local bands who play on the Town Square here. Keeping in mind all of this is free for the folks who do it - so you need to get volunteers who want the exposure to get out there and get involved.

    I know it sounds far fetched but with today's technology, a local band could burn and sell CD's with each performance - they do it here all the time. Pat Green sold over 2 million home burned CD's out of the trunk of his car and got a Grammy nomination before he ever got a record deal.

    I also noticed Cherryholmes on list of shows for Hutch's Fox theatre - which means your drawing in quality talent already. I have both of their CD's. They are awesome and have only been playing a few years. They took it up as a family after one of the son's died as a way to deal with the loss.

    Just go one notch under "discovered" and play up the increase your audience base, we'll let you sell CD's if you play a concert on the Courthouse steps (or wherever). Keeping in mind, of course, content and noise regulations.

    I realize that none of these things may work as well in Hutch as they do here because of already existing alternatives there.

    I also know it doesn't solve the day-to-day of where to hang out after school. Usually the events here are scheduled for weekend evenings or afternoons.

    But it does help the whole "where do I take my date" or the "where do I go with the girl/guy I'd like to be my date but we're still friends" aspect of teen life. Unless the kids in Hutch have more cash than I remember them having, you can only afford the movies now and then and it doesn't take long to eat when you can only afford fast food for an outing with your friends.

    Which is why I've spoken about free activities, with volunteers, and keeping in mind a strict curfew for after events, no drinking allowed.

    With activites being the focus. Movement is a great deterrant to both self-consciousness and boredom.

  6. I think we need a teen center but I think we should involve the Boys and Girls Club - I think they would be willing to recreate the atmostphere the teens are wanting. Of course, if the money, equipment and manpower can be found, that would be good too. I am all for it and would gladly volunteer to help. Leadership Reno County had a youth forum and this was one topic brought up from the youth back then - so the need is there. It just takes people to STEP UP! I did send an email to Boys and Girls Club to ask for their help and/or advice. I will post when I receive a response.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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