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Mosley Street Melodrama in Wichita.

OK I am not a "Melodrama" kinda guy. (I just had to look up the word to make sure I spelled it right), I know that's a sterotype, read on, I try to break it.

I watch sports and Rambo movies and Westerns. I watch Nascar sometimes, (Sob, those guys are moving fast!). Melodrama's?? No actual idea what the word means!?!? (Before I just looked it up!)

So my Dad and his wife invite us to go to the Mosley Street Melodrama in Wichita, Ks, this last Friday night.

It was a night on the town for my Birthday, and for my wife's B-day and our Anniversary, Mainly for my birthday. So we load up in the SUV. Head to Wichita and get to the Theater at about 6:00.

Buffet was good, someone catered in BBQ. Not the reason for this post, but the food was good.

At 7:50 the show started. We noticed that Cory Taves a fellow Hutch High alumni was in the cast and this is where my mind started being corrupted.... I was not very open-minded headed to this thing, I have never been a theater person and Melodrama honestly sounded a little bit weirder than my normal perception of theater. (Those of you that know me well, will know some of this is slightly exaggerated, but not much.)

Honestly the thing started out exactly like I thought it would be, kinda overacting, weird use of music and all around quirky. Come to find out that's pretty much exactly what the hell a melodrama is?!

ok here's where it gets kinda hard for my Rambo, Western, Sports watching mentality to continue to allow my fingers to type....

These Guys are freaking Awesome!!!

Like, on Broadway Awesome, somebody should give them award, and they should be making good money awesome.

I guess it's safe to admit, they couldn't give a rat's ass what I think because, quite honestly they could be terrible at their craft and I am not smart enough to know the difference, but, they weren't, they were good and made me laugh and completely owned my attention and my 8 year olds' attention!!! That's a pretty big feat right there.

We all loved the show and the great use of crowd interaction and their ability to respond to the crowd and the great impromtuness (I made that word up) of the whole thing.

I will go back! I will also go to other Melodramas just to make sure these guys are the greatest in the world, like I think they are.


it was excellent... My kids loved your performance and they now think we went to high school with a famous actor.

Because it was a night out for my birthday and my wife's and our anniversary, 2 of the actors came and took polaroids with us here they are.

Go see it, click here for info.

To some of my friends... you will need to drop the pre-conceptions you have... or let them do it for you.

Thanks Mosely Street Melodrama for a great night out!!! And most importantly thank you for making me realize how much fun theater can be and open those possibilities up to my kids as well.

p.s. They have a full bar!!!

p.s.s. All my out-of state readers, seriously put it on your agenda next time you visit Kansas.

p.s.s.s. Someone from Hutch should get these guys booked at the Fox for a night or two. Don't know if that's possible or stupid or what. If anyone from Mosley Street Reads this and is interested in doing a show in Hutch, send me an email and I will check into it.

p.s.s.s.s. I labeled this in Extreme Cody cause it's prompting me to make sure I don't ignore culture for the sake of my kids and I really like sitting on my ass and not doing anything, which makes it pretty easy to ignore culture sometimes.

p.s.s.s.s.s. I just did this one cause I was on a roll with the p.s. thing.

See ya!!


  1. I enjoy Rambo and the Theater as much as anybody. I think it would be interesting to see this particular melodrama. However, your recomendation becomes a little suspect when you also recommend I buy a Super Hits CD by The Outfield. I believe the quote from Amazon was, "Cody says you should buy this NOW!!!"

  2. I'm not exactly a theater person either, but Katie and I went to the Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre a couple times during our time in the area. It's a little pricey to make a regular habit of, but the food was always great and the shows we saw were pretty hilarious.


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