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The next contest!!!!

Here we go...

The quote contest was awesome. click here if you missed it.

And yes.. Scott got a prize. click here if you missed that.

Ok so I have always loved the marketing ploy of getting you logo or company name in a picture with or on something cool.

There you have it...

send a picture to with in the picture and I will pick the best one and that's who wins. The winner will not only get a prize... They will get their name on the dinosaur.


The bricks at the Indy 500.....

ON top of Washington Monument....
Just ideas.


1. Photshoppery must be noted... It is allowed but you must admit it and it will probably be judged against.

2. This is PG-13 rated blog!!!! It can be ornery but not x rated.

3. Obviously if you don't put your real name on the email, you can't win. Anonymous entries are allowed but obviously you can't get the prize. If you don't want your name mentioned that's fine just tell me in the email .

4. If you break the law or harm anyones property. You will not only be DQed you will be reported if possible. We can be creative without being jerks.

5. Anything you send me you are allowing me to post on the site.

6. The contest will end on Monday the of June 9th of June.

Here is an example. It's me holding the sign up in front of Mitchell's back. This probably wouldn't win.

Start sending now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. too late. already went to the speedway twice, can't afford to go to the race. i will push ahead tho.

  2. Nate "I want to be a winner" DoggMay 21, 2008 at 10:10 PM

    1) Crap!

    2) Crap!

    3) Crap!

    4) Crap!

    5) Crap!

    6) Nevermind, there is still time to rethink my plan! Woo Hoo!!!!!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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