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Speed Blog on a Friday where it belongs.

OK a few loose ends to tie up before the weekend.

1. The poll:


Stance on Issues
Percieved Personal Integrity
Political Party
Other... Please comment in the post titled "Why do you back them?

It came out almost exactly like I suspected it would. The conversation, here, actually came out way better than I thought it would that early in the game. Again there is good conversation here, and for organization purposes it might be better to keep it there, either way is fine.

Here's my thoughts: I think it is silly to vote for "A PRESIDENT" based on issues. It is not a blanket statement as of course issues should play into it some. But in the grand scheme of things, Presidents can actually do very little about the vast majority of issues. I believe the deciding factor in picking a President should be Personal Integrity. Are they a good person, are they a better person than the other candidate, who will stick to doing what is right when it comes time to make a decision. I know this has holes, lot's of holes, but I really do think millions of votes are cast towards the most powerful person in the world where the deciding factor on who to vote for was completely insignificant because the President couldn't change it anyway. This is a brief explanation of my thoughts, Comments will hopefully drive me to think more deeply into it. Again commenting here would be best I think.

2. The Anniversary Post:

I got a couple of requests to post a wedding pic from a few out of towners who were at our wedding and read the Anniversary post here.

(Tam made me change the picture if you saw it earlier)

There it is, makes me realize I should have had the ah ha moment that lead to this post a little earlier, I was a lot slimmer then.

3. The Quotes Challenge:

is going awesome... Click here read the comments and laugh, be inspired, just waste company time, whatever.

4: Misc things:

Did an interview with Matt and Arock today, I like those guys and appreciate them letting me vent to them and their fans.

We added a chat widget to the site, if I am at my computer and logged in you can live chat with me, don't know if it will last but there it is try it.

Don't forget Kate's Challenge, it is moving forward I promise...

5. Dodgeball:

This is a video from my 8 year old son playing dodgeball last night, I coach, kinda. I think it is awesome that they have a dodgeball league. My 8 year old niece took the video and it is not quite professional grade but cool to watch none the less. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. How the frick are you supposed to comment an a five-part blog. Focus my padawan learner...

    1) Let's use "Personal Integrity" as the deciding factor. Then, let's have a side pot where we can bet on the date that the pristine integrity the candidate sold us on will first be found tarnished. It is inevitable. I don't necessarily blame them because we are all human, but don't try to lie to me. Maybe I would vote for Cody if he said, "I try hard, won't give up, will never lie, but sometimes get too drunk and try to run down main street naked." That is a winner to me!

    2) One of you married way up! Tam, you are a saint! Congrats!

    3) This is the wrong area and this is really unfair because I know Cody loves it, but Marine General James Mattis said to Iraqi tribal leaders: “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes, if you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all." Excuse the language, but whether you agree with any war or not, we can not thank our military enough for the sacrafices they give.

    4) Umm, I've got nothing here. I certainly not need another way to contact Cody throughout the day, but "we" are becoming a potentially powerful force and should stay banded together. GRRRRR!

    5) Dogbeball rank right up there with kickball as the most under played sports in the world, or at least Reno County. Cody, lets plan an alternative sports Olympics. Seriously, dodgeball, kickball, frisbee golf, beer pong, water-balloon-cannon accuracy test...we could waste the weekends of a lot of people and have a blast!!! This one is to be continued!

    6) Stay focused on a single topic per blog. The end!

  2. I second the one topic per post request. My comments are too long when there's only one thing to comment about.

    As far as the personal integrity thing goes... I basically start out assuming that any legit candidate left that behind a long time ago. So I spose if you're just saying you vote for the one with the most, then that's fair. I definitely agree with you that people give the president more credit than s/he deserves. They don't have the power that people think they do. That's why all this talk about plans and ideas is so ridiculous.

    Side rant that should be on my own blog: We vote on tuesday, and the big thing is this gas tax holiday. Unfortunately, that sounds like something a president could manage to get thru with a little bit of help. I'm pretty sure I'm going to vote for Obama just because the others are pushing this thing. Anyone who has taken Econ 101 can tell you 18 million reasons why that's a bad idea, but people are going to bite on it because so many of them haven't had Econ 101. It really just drives me f'ing nuts, because there's no good way to convince people of how bad an idea it is.

  3. Oh, sweet! Multi-topic comment time!

    1. I voted "other" in the poll because for me, it's a confluence of all of factors. "Issues" are a sales pitch, "personal integrity" is often only revealed under duress and any politician who has made it to the level of running for president is a good actor, period. "Party" means less and less all the time.

    I really think all politicians are full of $#!t. They probably got into the game for all the right reasons, but who can really argue that it's a corrosive system? Power does that to people. But you know what? I certainly wouldn't want the responsibility of running this country.

    Ahem. Moving on.

    2. You two look the same, but a little better. Time is your friend. Way to go and congratulations again. I hear "thirteen" is a lucky number when it comes to love.

    3. The quote challenge is the most fun.

    4. Cody, where do you find the time? All your social networking things. Jeez, you're like the mayor over there.

    5. Dodgeball rules. I miss it. And kickball rules, also, Nate dogg, good call. I kind of dug one-base kickball in elementary school, but dodgeball was the key to my happiness. I hereby challenge you all to a dodgeball competish. Kansas vs. Illinois. Maybe organizing an all-ages state dodgeball team should be my Extreme Nora project.

    Great speed blog, Cody. Don't listen to the haters. Being all over the place is fun.

  4. Great comments on this speed blog. I will continue with single topic blogs, Mon-Thursday, I am reserving the right for a speed blog on Friday though. I have trouble focusing on Fridays and it gives me a chance to set up some conversations for the next week.

    Point being, Scott and Nate Dogg... Get over it!

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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