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Speed Blog One 5/16/08 - Gay Marriage...

Ok I am doing Friday Speed Blog but due to complaints from some readers I am gonna do 3 separate quick ones so there is a separate place to comment for each one.

First One, Gay Marriage...

Why are we still talking about this?

Here is an article about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De What's her name...

Seriously folks, I am a conservative Christian minded person!

Why the hell are we still talking about this??

I don't know for sure if I think people are born homosexual or if it's a lifestyle choice or what, I really don't care, do I? Why would I?

Ok someone who has a good reason why I should back this and stand beside my right wing Christian Compadres and fight Gay-weddings, send it over. The comments are there to persuade me.

Let me say this, because of my religious beliefs, a little bit of my upbringing, the geography of where I was raised and lack of exposure....

I am still not completely comfortable with the idea of homosexuality. I am working on it and it will be as normal to me as seeing a man and a woman together before I die. Not there yet, working on it!!!

But, even if I hated all gays... Why do I want them to not have basic human rights. Why do I not want to allow them to do what I do??

Come on, someone step up, use anonymous as your name, let's roll!!!!

2500 visits in the last 6 days has to be someone that is against Gay Marriage on here or it just wouldn't be a news item. And it wouldn't be illegal in 48 states.

I would love for everyone to click here and make it the place we all discuss the upcoming Presidential Race. It's starting to happen, throw your comments in there.


  1. The problem with gay marriage is that religion uses the word "marriage" and government uses the word "marriage."

    They don't mean the same thing. If the church wants to say marriage is between a man and a woman, they are kinda like a private club. They can do that.

    If the government called it a "domestic license" or a "partnership license" or a "poopie license" instead of a "marriage license," then most of the arguments are out. If you want to be a couple in the eyes of God, you get married. If you want to be a couple in the eyes of the State of ____, you get a poopie license.

    The only remaining argument I can come up with is this (which is not my opinion, but I guess devil's advocate): I don't want gay people to be allowed to get poopie licenses from the government, because then all the gay people who work at my office will be allowed to have their partner receive insurance from my employer. Gay people are more predisposed to certain costly diseases which may increase my insurance premiums, and because I'm selfish or only care about myself, I don't want that to happen.

    That's my two minute answer. It probably shows that I think the whole issue is about as silly as you do, Cody. Enjoy.

  2. Scott,

    First of all, great comment,

    Poopie license is awesome.

    I really sincerely hope that the co-worker, health insurance argument is not even close to being big enough to be backed by enough people to make a difference. I agree with you that there are folks out there that think like that but we gotta be past that enough as a society that it doesn't equal a serious factor in 48 states banning gay marriage.


  3. Heres my .02. I have friends that are gay. I have seen the struggle that some of them go through within themselves, to the point of hating themselves-for something that they can't control. I believe that you are born that way. With that said, gay health issues are not any different than straight issues, its just more talked about because because so many fear what they do not understand. I know of one company in Hutch that offers same sex partners health insurance and their premiums did not rise anymore than they would have if two straight people would have gotten married. I have worked in the medical health inurance field for 8 years and don't see this as an issue. Do we think changing the name of the license is going to change anything? Gay couples should hae the same rights as us straighties. Is marriage a human right or a government sanctioned privilege? I guess to me its not a silly issue.

  4. Karen ,

    We are on the same side, I don't think it is a silly issue, I think it is silly we still have states fighting gay marriage which in turn makes it an issue at all. It shouldn't be in the news cause it should be over with already, it should be so boring and mundane and ordinary that a gay couple gets married that it shouldn't be in the news.

    Scott is right about what it's called being the problem...

    Our society, not all but majority think of a marriage happening at a wedding in a church, the pastor even says "By the powere vested in me by the state of....."

    Perception that marriage is a religious thing is the problem. That problem is caused by the term marriage crossing from Church into the courthouse.

  5. If you start letting gay people get married, it will create a snowball effect. What's next, puppies marrying leprechauns? Oak trees marrying fig newtons? Stencils marrying teacups? Four Datsun/Nissans marrying a mousepad and Leonard Nimoy?

    That's my favorite argument that opponents make about gay marriage. Guy made it the other day on Larry King live when i was watching. It was the best he had, so don't expect much better on the blog. Love the domino argument though.

    BTW, Pretty soon people are going to want to marry robots, which I am AGAINST.

    Straight people have mucked up marriage pretty good. I think that gay people will probably be better at it anyway.


  6. "Gay people are more predisposed to certain costly diseases which may increase my insurance premiums, and because I'm selfish or only care about myself, I don't want that to happen."

    Hey, Scott--how do you feel about smokers, drinkers, fast food addicts and perpetually sedentary people jacking up your premiums?

  7. Nora,

    First of all great to have you back, kinda missed ya last few days...

    Secondly, I hope you did notice Scott mentioned the whole predisposed to disease thing was his belief at all!

  8. Were I that selfish person I was speaking about, I wouldn't like anyone jacking my premiums up. I would prefer the government makes smoking illegal. Many states are already fixing fast food by outlawing trans-fat. Surely there's a way we can make being a couch potato illegal too.

    / Sarcasm.

  9. I'm impressed by the progressive thoughts here! Last night I returned from Hutchinson where I overheard someone say they wouldn't vote for Barack Obama because he is black.

    It's tough to realize we still have lots of crazies out there. Something is wrong when people who aren't gay would rather protest gay marriage than talk about war, the economy, gas prices or other important and pressing issues.

  10. G,

    Thanks for the comment I agree with almost all of it.

    You being impressed with the progressive thoughts leads me to believe you have this non-progressive description of Hutchinson in your head. I will guarantee you I can find a Gay-basher and someone that won't vote for someone based on skin color where you live as well.

    We are a conservative town, no doubt but folks condemning all of us cause one of us said something isn't fair.

    Not sure this is where you head is..
    If not, sorry...

    If it is, if you have this "Hutch is a podunk red-neck town" mindset, you are just as judgmental and prejudice as gay-bashers and bigots. This town has a ton of cultural and progressive minded people.

  11. Bravo, Cody... I am a liberal, but my reasons for disliking this topic are the same as yours - it's a waste of time, energy and money.

    Why shouldn't gay partners be on the insurance plan of a company if they take steps to commit to each other? FYI, in 2005 (CDC numbers) in the US there were about 17,000 cases of AIDS in homosexuals and about 12,000 in heterosexuals. It's not a gay disease. Big problem with the spread these days is men on the down low.

    I could argue that your son, until he's 25, is a high risk on my health insurance. In fact, he's a far greater risk than a gay man of any age. So, are we not going to cover males 16-25 because they're high risk? (Has to do with the risk center in the brain not being fully developed.) That's the whole point of group health insurance - to cover everyone. But, that speaks to a bigger problem, which is health care in this country. This die-hard liberal believes Newt Gingrich is the voice of reason on that topic.

    I've never wanted to get married, but if I did, no one would question it. Why should it be different for people whose brains are wired to be attracted to someone of the same sex instead of opposite?

    If you think it's a choice, consider when you "decided" to be a heterosexual. You don't wake up one day and decide you're going to pay attention to the boys or girls in your class - it just is.

    But while we're discussing gay marriage and abortion and other things like this, we're going deeper in debt by the second, children in this country are starving (really - it happens!), elderly people can't afford their medications, we're dependent on a resource we don't have (oil), and I won't even get started on mental health, which is my area. Oh... and China owns us - lets not forget that.

    Topics like abortion (if it were going to be ended, it would be by now - pro-life forces controlled the whitehouse and congress for an extended period of time) and gay marriage keep us talking in circles. And who wants us to be doing that? Elected officials who don't want us to realize they're not dealing with any of the real problems.

  12. Patsy,

    Great comment, really good.

    I don't want to get into the are you born that way or not conversation. Not because I am scared to argue something, it's just a subjective arguement (for now, science may change that) and I think subjective argument always end up with I am right and You are wrong" and don't solve anything.

    Anyhow thanks for comment it's great to see the discussion going here.

  13. Sorry, Scott. I should have said, "Hey, Guy Playing Devil's Advocate!"

    I'm sure there are people who do take that position, but you aren't one of them. Mea culpa!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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