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Speed Blog Three 5/16/08 - Kate??????????

Ok I am doing Friday Speed Blog but due to complaints from some readers I am gonna do 3 separate quick ones so there is a separate place to comment for each one.

First one was here.

Second One was here.

Third speed blog - I am calling out for an update from Kate about Kate's Challenge.

First of all Kate, I know your busy, I am not being a jerk, I just want an update cause I refuse to just let it die. The let die attitude is why it's hard to get things change around here. So.. Just comment here and gives us an update.

Secondly Patsy Terrell (her blog is here) has offered the staff for a civic peer pressure group (that's my term, she said letter writing or email campaign) to help meet our objectives. We are getting offers for help, we gotta push.

Just throw us an update????

I would love for everyone to click here and make it the place we all discuss the upcoming Presidential Race. It's starting to happen, throw your comments in there.


  1. Updates....I am still chasing meeting time with Jim S. and John D. with the Downtown Development Group and the City, respectively. Jim S was out of town for a week and I hope to talk with him tomorrow. My sense is that support exists for getting the racks downtown; it's just getting the correct "ok's" in the correct order.

    Other pieces of the master plan are in the works, just much slower than something as tangible as bike racks.

    I will update you as soon as I have an update for you.

    Don't worry I will call on you all for massive help as that need arises. I just don't like to waste folks time in the meantime.

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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