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Speed Blog Two 5/16/08 - Tell the taxpayers everything...??

Ok I am doing Friday Speed Blog but due to complaints from some readers I am gonna do 3 separate quick ones so there is a separate place to comment for each one.

First one was here.

Second Speed Blog - Tell the taxpayer everything? Click here first.

(am I the only one that it bothers that there is no name or date attached to that in a newspaper? I know that one is from Topeka Capitol Journal, but come on , a date????)

This mindset is bad, it is extreme, impossible and bad. We do not have a Government based around the taxpayer/voter needing to know everything about everything. We have a Government based around the voter electing officials who run the Government, we have an excellent (not perfect, no such thing as perfect) system of checks and balances the ultimate being an election every few years.

Complete dissemination of all information is not a good thing. Whether it is how we protect former Presidents, gather intelligence, fight wars, or catch criminals, etc...

Somethings need to be kept out of the hands of certain people and the only way to do that is too keep it from the general public.

Do come back if you have a comment!!

I would love for everyone to click here and make it the place we all discuss the upcoming Presidential Race. It's starting to happen, throw your comments in there.


  1. I'm surprised no one has touched on this one. While I think the public does have a right to know how the tax dollars are being spent, knowing the fine details is probably not necessary. I doubt the average citizen really wants to know all the details.

    As far as letting the public in on military strategy and criminal investigations, well, it should be obvious why that kind of information is kept out of the public domain. Besides, Vietnam informed the government about the disastrous consequences of letting the press have free reign in war zones. I do think, though, it would be nice to have a little less of a sanitized version of what's happening "over there". Unless I actively seek information, the picture I'm getting is not nearly as dire as the media is presenting.

    Anyway, I think there's a fine line between keeping the public from mucking up the gears of the government at work and the government using propaganda and the media to distract the general public from asking questions regarding how they're dealing with real issues. See some of the comments in the Gay Marriage post.


    Great comment, I really wish more would have commented on this one. I think it is probably the most important post I have ever posted. Maybe not the best.. hell It might suck and that's why only one comment, but the subject matter is crucial!!!

  3. No, this is actually a great post. I was going to comment on it on Friday, but I needed more time to think about it. In fact, I'm still not convinced I articulated my thoughts about it clearly.

    I must think more.

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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