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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Speed Blog on Monday Cause I can.

I got three things.

1. Kate has updated Kate's Challenge. It's rolling good, we had a great meeting with some Big Shots.
click here and read Kate's comment at the bottom.

2. Hutchinson, Ks had an Iron Butterfly Concert and a big Mixed Martial Arts event... all in one night. No Kidding. If you were bored in Hutch last Sat. You are just a boring person. Click here to see video of the Xtreme Warfare event. It's not too gruesome, promise.

3. Read this - it is not a horrible article but this is what I want you to do... I know no one will but.. I wish you would. Go sit in an airport where you can see the TSA people. Dont get in the line, and most importantly.. Don't have anywhere to go. Just be there, do it as a date on a Saturday Morning.

Ok now just watch them and imagine you were them. I definitely don't want you to feel sorry for them, they made a choice and they could go to another job. What I do want you to do is put yourselves in there shoes... Just for about an hour watch them and imagine you were them. Just try it.. I now you won't go to the Airport, so just do it in your head, you can do it. They deal with more B.S. in one day the anyone else in the world. Even more than cop, cops get a chance to go sit in the car every once in a while. Cops get high speed chases to relieve tension in between dealing with whiny ass morons who definitely do not deserve the speeding ticket.

TSA people go to work and look at a never ending line of people who are pissed at them.

These are people, people who in all reality are doing you and I a service.

Now, don't get me wrong. Does TSA have problems? Yes absolutely - name a organization that size that doesn't.

Could things go smoother? Most definitely -again, any organization in the world that big runs like a big giant snail.

I just hate characterizations, generalizations. Just cause a screener made a mistake and Mark Rogers got a knife through, doesn't mean that the system is a big in effective piece of crap. I also don't like people who no more than everyone else. It kinda seems to me that Mark Rogers was able to get on a plane fly to Alaska, recreate, get on another plane and fly home. Safely. Seems to me like the system worked.

Where mistakes made? Yep!! They are every flight! Tens of Thousands of mistakes a day. Calling what those people do everyday "obnoxious and burdensomely ineffective airport procedures" just doesn't make sense to me. No one has used a plane to kill Americans in almost 7 years.

And to everyone involved that made that happen, including the guy that wrote the policy manual, I say Thanks.

TSA has a pretty good blog where they try to lightheartedly deal with the hassles that there job unfortunately creates. It's here.

This is a incredible post on the TSA blog that makes me smile to read it.

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