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Reno County Commission Race.

I am gonna come out here on codytalks and back a candidate. I am hoping everyone involved can keep this separate from the other projects I am involved in.

This is also a local election so some of you may or may not have any interest.

Here's what I think about Reno County Government:

1. I think it (any Government) needs to running fiscally like a Business. The constituents are shareholders and some fiscal planning and responsibility to those shareholders is essential. I think financial planning and accountability are the cornerstones of running a Government, especially on a local level. I really would like to have a County Government that has a focus of reducing taxes through increases in efficiency. Is it possible, I really don't know but it should be a goal.

2. I think any organization the size of the Reno County Government, needs full time leadership and someone that has the ability to make decisions that is completely dedicated in their work time to making the right decision for an organization this big. i.e. A County Administrator.

3. I think Government meetings (any meeting really) should be run in an efficient and concise manner. I fully support a time for citizen discussion and for adequate discussion among the commissioners, but, I have seen many a meeting run in a giant gaggle of discussion and all time wasted without any decisions made. Not good practice with part time commissioners drawing full time pay. Not good practice ever.

4. My #4 is completely subjective in that supporting Law Enforcement is deeply ingrained in my belief system. Not blindly supporting them, I have written before that if we have bad cops they should stand before the man. But our Government has to be supportive of a bunch of guys strapping on guns and going out to deal with bad guys so we don't have to. Again, I stand fast on this, not blind support but support.

Ok if you skipped all the reasons and just wanted to know who I was throwing my support behind it's Brad Dillon. I have only met Brad a couple of times. Honestly he called several years ago and need a very small website. That one meeting is all I have ever really dealt with him face to face. He is someone I have watched through his days on the City Council and I believe he meets the criteria I have above.

I think it would be fair to say that Brad runs things in a very business like manner and efficiency is a focus of his.

He favors a full time administrator and other than their own job security I can't come up with a good reason a county commissioner would be against that.

I have seen him run meetings... If you are on a board of anything and want to learn how to more efficiently run a meeting, watch Brad Dillon, no time wasted but everything is as fair as possible, very efficient.

As far as Law Enforcement support, I have no examples, just a gut and personal discussions with people that may or may not be in the know. Again... I don't want the commission to grant every wish Henderson has but they can't be caught in some damn power struggle with other elceted officials because they don't really know who is in charge. (County Administrator solves that?)

Anyhow, there you go, thats my opinion.

As always we highly encourage, hell we are pleading for your comments. Cut loose if you have any interest. Add your own criteria, call me an idiot, do what ever.

If this is all to deep for you, go here and watch this great video and just be entertained.


  1. As we have discussed before, I support Brad Dillon completely. He is very level headed and will approach each issue with common sense and indepth research. In my dealings with him while on city council his main concern was is this an efficient way to spend taxpayer money. That is why he supports the county administrator position. A county administrator is trained in operating government as efficiently as possible. We need to make sure we all get out an vote on Tuesday or before - we cant let apathy get the best of us on these small elections.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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