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I am back!!!!!

OK it's been a while and I apologize. 

We have some incredible things going on at our little business and I had to redirect my focus. 

Oh yeah and my 8 year old start full pads football, my 11 year old is on a really busy soccer team and playing volleyball.  Whatsuphutch is rocking and rolling, The State Fair was in full swing, Third Thursday is tonite and the City of Hutch is alive!!!

Oh yeah and I lost in week 2 of Fantasy Football which lead to me sulking for 3 days. Would someone please tell the Chiefs to just give the ball to Larry Johnson and forgettabout it!!!

Ok with my piss poor explaination for the 3 week hiatus out of the way... here is the discussion I want to have:

I am totally stoked about the impending election. To tell you the truth even with the AIG bailout in the last few days I have a smile on my face about the future of our country. 

I think for the first time since I was old enough to pay attention to an election, we are guaranteed to have an winner that will really make some change and not just ride it as a campaign platform and then forget they ever said the word. 

I don't want to get into who your are voting for and why you hate the other side if that is possible.... If not, than hell cut loose. But what I really want to talk about is "Do you think it's possible that all of us can put our B.S. bipartisan crap aside and be excited about impending change, no matter what the outcome. 

Can the Republicans look at Obama as a guy that really wants to make things better even if it isn't with their solution of choice? And look at Biden as the steady eddie that will keep things in perspective and bring the Experience factor?


Can the Democrats look at McCain as a true patriot that has fought corruption and earmarks and has enough Pride in his country to truly want to improve it, even if it isn't using thier methods? And can they look at Palin as a progressive thinker that brings a lack of D.C. behavior to the table?

Is it possible that we can truly lick the bipartisan crap and get behind whomever is elected? Or do we have to immediately launch into detroying the winner if they aren't our choice. 

I think it is, but, I am looking forward to the discussion. 

Please if you are in Hutch tonight, go check out Third Thursday (click here for info) (click here for pics from the last one) It is the best attempt to make Hutch a little cooler that has happened in years. 


  1. Don't even get me started on the Chiefs! I'm a season ticket holder, and I write a blog about my views on the team. I'd be more than happy to share with you.

    Point is, the head coach sucks, the GM doesn't put the fear of being fired in the head coaches mind therefore allows the head coach to be mediocre, and the owner doesn't bother with the attitude of how the team should be. I can't stand the Cowboys, but I really like Jerry Jones as an owner. He is deeply involved in the teams success, and he takes the wins and loses like a hardcore fan does!

  2. For those of you that don't know.... Dave is one of my bleeding heart liberal friends.

    Here's the thing about Dave though:

    He is smart and sensible. I think he is off a little on his political views but that's only cause I think my views are right. I do however feel like we as a country need to respect that diversity better and that we have really screwed our political system up by just hating the other for the sake of hating the other side.

    I trust that in Due time Dave will come back with a very educated expansion on his comment here.

    Lizalde... I agree with you Chiefs management sucks and has proven it year in and year out. Thanks for grabbing on to that and making this an really diverse post.

  3. I can't. The thought of McCain/Palin scares the absolute shit out of me.

  4. To be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by "putting the bipartisan crap behind us". Should I stand by while an administration makes choices that I am adamantly opposed to? I care about the economy and Iraq and health care and stem cell and misuse of executive power and climate change and choice and our world standing and separation of church and state, etc etc. What are you telling me to do, "just trust the (next) president?" That sure worked great with the last one.

    You love to press "let's all just get along" on this site, but, you know, people are losing their homes and retirements right now, not to mention dying in Iraq. Putting partisan crap aside sounds to me like selling out your belief that our country and world can be a better place.

  5. I am glad you are back. As the commisioner of your fantasy football league, I was happy to see you lose last week.

    First, the framing irks me … I mean you describe McCain as a "true Patriot" with "Pride in his country" and Palin "as a progressive thinker" (really, on what?!?); and Obama simply as a "guy" and Biden as "steady eddie." Give me a break.

    Second, supporting the winner for the sake of being bipartisan is ridiculous. This is an election of clear, stark choices. I mean, I could get behind “a few” of McCain’s proposals—for example if he agreed to a compromise Energy bill allowing certain environmental cognizant offshore drilling and nuclear reactors (which he wants) coupled with MASSIVE investments in wind and solar. And I know McCain at least he used to say he would immediately close Guantanamo Bay and move the detainees to the mainland and speed up judicial proceedings, which I support. But I will fight tooth and nail against more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy; the anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-choice Supreme Court nominees he supports; his support of more deregulation of financial services; his extremely flawed health care proposal; his reliance on military action/threats/foreign misadventures rather than engaging in diplomacy with Russia, N. Korea and Iran, while opposing going into Pakistan if necessary to get Bin Laden etc., etc.

    And I expect the same of Republicans…some may find common ground on certain issues with a President Obama, but I doubt they will just march like lemmings in support of his health care proposal while singing kumbayah.

    Cody, you may personally admire the character or personality of the two Presidential tickets, but after the DISASTOUROUS last eight years, I really don't think our options could be any more stark.

  6. Ok. Um. I don't like to watch sports so I have no comment. In fact, I'm pretty sure the sports channels are blocked on my TV, radio and internet (except for the olympics - Michael Phelps has to be part fish!)

    Cody - you are back like a heart attack! Thanks for giving us something to chat about and waste time. I was getting too much stuff done!

    I like the fact that we are watching history in the making and we can each tell our kids and grand kids that we voted the year that either the first black man became president or the first woman became president by succession, oops, I mean Vice President.

    I am still uncertain of who will get my vote I enjoy reading the differing points of view. It is our diversity and compromise that makes our country what it is. If we all just accepted who was in charge it would be a dictatorship. Changes in the magnitude that our country needs it is not going to be inflicted by one person but it has to start somewhere.

    You can't please all of the people all of the time. I admit I voted for Bush (more of the lessor of two evils) but I also voted for Bill Clinton. In view of the last eight years, I take my liberal butt over to the democrat side. On the other hand, I do like Sarah Palin. I say that not directly in support of a woman (I wasn't all that crazy about Hillary) but because she is not a typical politician. McCain I am not so crazy about. Biden either.

    Who decided that there had to be these two parties anyway? I am happily undeclared and will vote for the most qualified person for the job. Nothing like being interviewed by a couple million would you hold up under that kind of pressure?

    Experience could be a factor but sometimes it takes new eyes to see it from a different perspective. Kind of like your other blog today Cody about the Fair - seeing it through the eyes of your child changes how you feel about it. That's also why we have term limits (Thank God!)

    I'm looking forward to the certain change that is on it's way...

  7. Sigh. Just when I saw the absolute best campaign sign.

    "Go Home Ike, Tina's not here".

    Made me want to scrape that "I Like Ike" bumper sticker right off my car.

    Your point is well taken though. Congress is gridlocked now because of partisanship and we need to move forward. Basic respect for both candidates is as simple as basic human respect.

    I'm glad your back Cody.

  8. Chiefs Suck! McCain/Palin suck! Guantanomo Bay sucks! Happily undeclareds suck! Ike was cool.(turner not the hurricance,.....sheesh)

  9. Hurricanes stink.

    Government bailouts stink.

  10. Well yeah, of course, Josie.

    Hutch is always up. : )

  11. So, I'm a bit behind here, but I'll just chime in.

    I'm with Nate - I don't think I need to support whoever wins just for the sake of us all just getting along.

    HOWEVER - this nitpicky b.s. that has nothing to do with what really matters has to stop. So what if Barak Obama is muslim and an arab who eats babies? Who cares if McCain is a geriatric secretly suffering from mental illness related to being a POW and is likely to nuke all our neighbors just for shits and giggles? Who cares if Biden thought that FDR got on TV in 1929 to tell Americans that everything would be okay? Who cares if Sarah Palin's "son" Trig is really her grandson and if she has secret plans to kill every endangered species in Alaska?

    Lets stay focused on the issues, folks. If you don't like a candidate, let it be because you are an informed voter and you don't like their policies, not because you've given into the fearmongering tactics of a few wack-job campaign workers who are willing to sell their souls so their candidates can win.

  12. Speaking of things of importance, what sort of sicko names their kid after a math function? Trig? What's the next one going to be, Pythagorean Theorem?

    These sadists must be stopped, I say! Stop them dead in their tracks before more children are tortured with math names!!!

  13. Hey, if they had twins it could be sine and cosine! lol.

  14. I think Nate said it all.

    I cannot see myself ever voting for another Republican candidate until/unless the Republican party decides to divorce itself from the evangelican Christian faction that brought us Bush. Until people in the party take back their party, I will lump all Republicans - unless I know them personally and can be certain it is not the case - into the cateogry of having no compassion for their fellow man.

    Harsh? Yes. Casual? No.

    This decision has been formed over the last few years and was solidified when I watched the poor in New Orleans die for lack of food, water and medical care. I know all of the extenuating factors, but if you are the president, you can say to people, "Look, fix this. Make it right." And people do. Because you're the president. And he didn't. Because he didn't care. Because they were not his "base." Because he was busy with John McCain that day celebrating McCain's 69th birthday. With cake.

    Say what you will, but I am confident that if those had been rich, white women on the roofs of their homes in the garden district they would have been airlifted out and tucked into a Marriot, soaking in a bubble bath at the government's expense, within a very short time. The fact that those left were the poor - mostly black, but I think it had much more to do with their socio-economic status - meant they were not worth saving in the administration's eyes.

    That one event crystallized the current Republican mindset for me, and I want nothing to do with it. I want everyone to have a decent living.

    I'm amazed that "true" Republicans haven't abandoned the party to the evangelical right and started another party. I would suggest the "Moderate" or "Mainstream" party for the PR value. We know our system is only going to support two parties, so if there are enough "true" republicans left, the new party would flourish.

    I think the fact that more and more Republicans are supporting Obama speaks to the idea that the party has deserted them. It's because their party has been decimated by a fringe. Until "true" republicans take back their party I can never support it again.

    It used to be that Republicans and Democrats wanted to get to the same place - we just disagreed about how to get there. Those days are gone. Conservatives use the word "liberal" to say you're a troop-hating, Jesus-hating, socialist, baby-killer. I can assure you I am none of those things, although I am definitely a liberal.

    I've never been a straight party person. The last few years have made me one. It's quite sad, really. It adds to the very thing you're talking about - the bipartisanship - but I simply cannot support a party that will elect a president that has so little compassion as to let people literally die in the streets. I just can't.

    I see McCain as just another part of that party, trying to pander to the extreme right with the Palin pick. Yes, McCain is a patriot. He's also been in DC for 26 years, and held many powerful positions. If he wanted change, he could have brought it long before now. I had much more respect for him a year ago than I do now. Running for president has not brought out his best - even long before Palin entered the scene.

    I want everyone to have a decent living. I want everyone to have health care. I want everyone to have an education. I think Obama offers far more hope for that than McCain and Obama will have my vote.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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