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Conservatives Unite!!

Just a note about me if you don't know...

I am a pretty conservative guy raised in Middle America, Christian up-bringing and still stick to Reaganomics and "Less Government" as my reason for being registered Republican. I don't think Republicans look at those things as the foundations of the party anymore, but thats another post.

Ok that being said it is time for us Conservatives to Unite, we must stand together and...

100% back Barack Obama!

Hold on, hold on...

I wasn't happy election night, I voted for McCain and still think he was a better choice.

But it's done and we have to get past any pre-conceived notions we have and give the guy a chance.

I think we as a country have just become down-right disrespectful to the office of the President. It's sad, we should hold that position higher than just using it as for fuel for SNL and Letterman. No knock on them, they have the right but let's make an effort to see if it's possible to as a country be proud of the Oval Office again.

We gotta give him a chance and stand behind him unless/until he actually does something as the President that makes him an actual bad choice as President. We can't say he is a bad President yet, he isn't even a President yet. What if we all just let the guy start at a completely neutral position the moment the inauguration is over.

I think his tax policies are crazy and unrealistic.

I think "Health Care for Everyone" in any shape or form will fail.

I think he is already wavering on his incredibly bold and irrational statements about getting out of the Iraq war.

I think he has an Attorney General who has very little respect for anyone else's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

I am willing to put those "OPINIONS" of mine aside because the man has been elected To the most powerful position in the world and an election is something that deserves respect.

So there you have it...

Barack Obama will start his new job with a 100% neutral score from me, actually just a little bit positive cause I feel the position deserves respect until the person filling it loses that right to be respected and he seems like he genuinely wants to do the right thing to me. Amazingly that's a trait I feel he shares with W.


  1. I'm glad that you are standing behind our president-elect. I wish more liberals would do the same thing right now in light of his choice of Rick Warren to give the prayer at the inauguration.

    I do think it was unnecessary to take a bunch of jabs at him though. Doing so made your post come across as something less than 100% neutral.

  2. I have stayed off this site - you all are way too "deep" and intelligent for this "grandma" - I just read it, "winch" sometimes, smile sometimes as I remember you as little kids and you all make me proud sometimes but being "old" gives me some experience in this also. Cody, first of all, I'm proud - but not really surprised - that you're stating you are giving Obama a chance as president and the respect the position that it deserves - it's a good choice, why not start out in a "positive" way and see how it goes? I guess you felt the "concerns" necessary and it's your column but it would have been more interesting to hear how you have also felt in the last "month" on how he's doing and about his other decisions and his seletions on his cabinet and how he based his decision? He's made many. You selected just one. Just a thought to bring on blogging conversation.. isn't that what this thing is for???? Okay, I'm done.

  3. I've largely tuned out politics since the election as a way of rebooting.

    Obama doesn't really have the opportunity to set policy until he takes office anyway. It'll be soon enough to see which direction he goes for me.

    I've never understood the name-calling and disrespect some have shown for our President at any time in my life.

    I often disagree on policy but to disrespect the person - well, I guess I just don't like disrespecting people in general.

    Disagreement is something entirely different than disrespect.

  4. Nate,

    I took no jabs... I didn't call him an idiot, I didn't say he wasn't qualified, I didn't try to link him to Blutoikonivicoifjk or what ever the hell his name is.

    I merely pointed put the things I disagree with him on in an attempt to show that while he was not the candidate I would choose... I am still gonna be proud of my President until he, as President, gives me a reason not to.

    Jolen made a statement that I think is a Landmark kinda quote...

    "Disagreement is something entirely different than disrespect."

    If we could get more folks to realize that we would just accomplish more stuff period.

    Nate, I completely disagree with a whole bunch of your political views, I pretty much have since we were archeologists together, but the amount of respect I have for you as a human being is immeasurable. Thats the point I am trying to make...

    Just because we disagree with peoples thoughts doesn't mean we should lose respect for them.

  5. Give me a break. You certainly took jabs. You used words like "crazy", "fail", "irrational" to describe Obama.

    I'd rather be called stupid.

  6. I meant for the whole post to be a statement that this guy is not my first choice but right out here in front of everyone I am honestly saying that I am willing to put all that aside and Respect the ballots and the position he is taking over.

    I made the points so anyone reading would no that I am truly attempting to make a gesture...

    I guess it just didnt work, you win, I hate him!

  7. Thanks Cody. : )

    As a sidenote, I will miss getting a Christmas card from the President and First Lady.

    Truth be told, I've always been surprised to be on George and Laura Bush's Christmas card list. I think it's a fluke. Something to do with living in the same city George was born and where his parents have long lived.

    But for the last 5 years, I've gotten a White House Christmas card.

    I know thousands are mailed out and paid for the Republican National Committee. Still, it gives me a warm feeling.

    A warm feeling even when many folks would have something sarcastic to say about it.

    One of the greatest gifts you can find in life is not having others words change your simple enjoyment of things or what you hope to accomplish with positive action.

    It is, after all, basic redneck philosophy to embrace independent thought.

    I do so love being a redneck.

    Merry Christmas Cody.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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