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Extreme Cody weightloss update.

I shouldn't have done this during the Holidays but I am gonna make it. 

We spent 2 days on the Plaza in Kansas City, ate at McCormick and Schmicks one night and Houston's for Lunch the next day. Not exact Genius moves if trying to lose weight, but I did ok at not stuffing myself completely. If you just want truly exceptional food, bot of those are good places, trust me!!!

I worked out with Tam in front of the TV last night, just a little cardio and weights and it felt good. 

If you read the comments on the original post here,

you will see that Scott has jumped in to the challenge with me and will match my donations to the charities if he doesn't make his goal. Very Cool... thanks Scott. Also adds a competitive edge cause I will really be pissed if Scott makes it and I don't. 

We have 13 Charities listed so far so we have room for 2 more, tell your friends. 

I managed to maintain my weight through the Holiday feasting and am pleased with that. 

I will definitely keep updates here as even typing this one is making me a little more determined to make it happen. 


Whats everyone in Hutch doing for New Years??? Tell us here


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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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