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What happened to Extreme Cody???

I got kinda cocky a few months back, here, and made some bold statements....

Then last week Dave asked me on Facebook "what happened to "Extreme Cody" and it pissed me off at myself.

I am going back to it and gonna lay it all out here in front of you with a money guarantee.

I have alot of priorities in my life

Family is always gonna be number one

Some of the others in no specific order:

Being the best Dad I can be... yeah it falls under Family, but its needs mentioning!

Being the best Husband I can be... yeah it falls under Family, but its needs mentioning

Doing something positive with my life.

Being smart with money so I am not a burden on anyone else financially.

Those are just broad statements because thats not what this post is about.

The point of this post is that I am kinda starting to feel like most of my priorities in life are kinda falling into place. None of them are ever gonna be done... but they all seem headed in the right direction.

I am proud of how my kids are turning out and the direction they seem to be headed.

I couldn't be happier with my wife/marriage (ok I got some Victorias Secret stuff coming her way for Christmas that might make me smile a little bigger, but as I said none of these missions will ever be completed)

Our family finances are in pretty good shape and we are being pretty smart in these crappy finanacial times.

I am involved in a couple of projects that really fulfill my need to do something positive. 

Really things are rolling pretty good for me... Except I am not physically were I want to be and can't seem to motivate myself to make time for it. I hate using the phrase "I don't have time".  All of us have 30 minutes a day to do the things need doing.

So I have devised a way to Peer Pressure myself into getting into shape.

I have set aside $300.00

I am gonna lose 18lbs by Feb 15th.

I weigh 213 right now and I want to weigh 195.

I think that timeframe is realistic and I can do it in a healthy way.

If I make it, I get to blow the $300 on a blueray player I want.

If I don't I will just give the $300.00 to the readers of this blog. The first 15 to participate!!

If you put your name and address or the email affiliated with your paypal account in the comments of this post, I will just send you $20.00 if I don't make it.

If you put your name and a Charity in the comments I will send that Charity $20 in your name if I don't make it.

You have to trust me, I am serious about it and will follow through with these arrangements.

Again, I weigh 213 right now and I will keep you updated.

If 15 people don't put a comment, I will divide the $300 by however many do.

i know it's silly, I think it's silly, but I am really pissed at myself for not taking care of it before. 

Go!!  You go to the comments and I will Go to work changing my eating and exercise habits!


  1. Monty Stout
    Humane Society

    How 'bout this for a little extra added pressure...if you do make, I'll donate $20 to your favorite charity!

  2. sorry, that should have said "if you do make it to 195, I'll donate..."

  3. Great idea Cody!!

    Leah Henderson
    Hospice of Reno County

  4. I figure, I'm out $300.00 either way. :)

    Tamara Heitschmidt
    Cancer Council of Reno County

  5. wow...I should be a motivational speaker (rather than a facebook jerk). I think you can lose the weight in that time, but it may be a cutting it a little close (especially with the holidays). I think a pound or two a week is reasonable.

    I did read something interesting recently about effective methods to pressure/motivate yourself to do something. Scientist researching this found that the best way is to do exactly what you are doing, putting money on the line. However, it should go to something that person despises. So, for example, if I wanted to motivate myself to workout four times a week or lose ten pounds by a certain date, and I didn't do it, I would contribute $300 to say, the Bush Presidential Library (or something else, you get the point).

    Anyway, sorry I was a jerk, but good luck.

  6. Nora's charity of choice should Extreme Cody turn out to be not so Extreme:

    The Lustgarten Foundation.

  7. So what if someone else were to join your quest? Actually, I already have to beat - I've lost about 45 lbs since August! :) Ok, 1/2 of it involved giving birth, but still...Good luck Cody! I'm in for TECH.

  8. Monty,

    Very cool thanks...


    Great Cause, Thanks!!


    yeah, you are out either way.


    Good comment but you didnt follow directions very well. Do i just send the money to you? You greedy bastard??


    Had to look it up but thats a cool cause, Thanks.


    Please do join the quest... Someone else talked to me already about joining in. You have done alot more than just have a baby, you should be proud.

  9. Easiest money I ever made :-)

    Salvation Army

  10. Good luck, Cody! Or not, depending how you look at it...

    The Compassionate Friends of Reno County

  11. I was hoping to put the $20.00 towards what you STILL owe in our fantasy football pool, but I digest.

    If I had to pick a charity, I guess it should be Hutch-centric. How about Tech.

  12. I am proud of your attempt to lose weight.

    Leslie Shea
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Reno County.

  13. Please give my $20 to TECH!

    Jennifer Weathers

    I have faith you can do it with some determination none the less here is my suggestion when/if you don't do it.

  14. good luck with your "project! if you make it i will match your twenty to the "rex foundation".
    look it up!

  15. Good Luck! You can do it but do you think you've given yourself enough time?

    American Heart Association
    Tarrant County
    FT. Worth, Tx

    S Courser

  16. Interesting method, Cody. I have been overweight since...well, probably age 4 or 5. I am currently obese and I fear that my health may begin to suffer for it. Since my senior year of high school I have tried two "diets" - one time I lost about 50 pounds and another time I lost 25 pounds -each time I gave up before I reached my goal and I gained all the weight back and then a little extra.

    I have decided that its time for a paradigm shift. It is time for me to change the way I think about food. It is time for me to focus on things that are more important, like health, friends, family and community. Being obese and unhealthy doesn't just hurt me, it hurts the people around me because I can't be as active and the long-term health issues that I may develop will be a burden on the community and the people who care about me.

    That said, I have a similar method of rewards set up for myself. For every 10 pounds I loose, I will reward myself with something (I have a list with a specific reward for each 10-pound incriment). Many of my "rewards" aren't that extraordanary, but they are things that I don't normally do for myself, like buy myself a CD, go to Wichita for sushi, or buy a new cookbook. Other things are more significant like buying a new piece of furniture or a trip to Mexico (I've got a lot of weight to loose, so I have to have a few big rewards!).

    Anyways, kudos for you.

    And if you don't make it,
    give my $20 to Leadership Reno County.

    ***BTW, I've already lost 11 pounds!***

  17. Alright, I'm going to double down this bet. I'm shooting for 15 pounds by February 15 and I'll disperse money to all the same people/charities.

  18. Now that Scott is in, I am definitely in. My charity is Susan G Komen for the Cure (

  19. ok I am in my charity is BBBS - and I am going to lose 15 pounds with you and if I dont I will donate $300 to BBBS!

  20. Okay, this is so awesome that I have to get in also. I need to lose, hmmmmmm, 10-12, how long do we have??? Wow, I cannot do it by FEb. 15 - I'm old (55) and a woman -sorry facts are it just doesn't come off that fast - Cody, you may be stretching it son! BUT, I'm adding to your charities if you don't (which I hope you do if that's what you want - personally, as a mother I think you look good) the Boys and Girls Club.. but I'm also in the competition but I'm adding a month to my trek so if I don't lose 10 by March 15 (sorry - my rules!!- remember I'm old here!) I'll send the BG Club $100! Thanks for letting the "old lady play"!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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