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Wishing you a Happy New Year... and a sharp stick in the eye!

The Happy New Year part is very literal, have a blast tonight! Be safe, but focus just a little bit more on fun than safe. If you are all safe, you are boring, but don't have so much fun that you completely through safety to the wind and die. It's a fine balance, but achievable. 

The stick in the eye part is not literal, here's what I mean by it:

Make a decision to do something that changes your life and then most importantly actually do it. Don't call it a "New Years Resolution" cause our society has made such a joke out of those that deep down in your brain, you expect it to fail and so it will. Call it your 2009 "Stick in the Eye" hell, call it whatever you want but just do it. 

Here's the real kicker, don't do it for the end result, do it to prove your a bad ass. If you do it for the end result... this is what will happen:

1. You will make the end result (since it is your motivation) be so big that you will never make it, or

2. You will make the end result so small (just so you do make it) and it won't really be a feat worth putting a stick in your eye over. 

I have committed to weighing 195 by Feb 15th (I weighed 213 on Dec 22nd) (see post here ) and I am down to 207 right now. It's working, I am ahead of my schedule. 

It's working because I am doing it to prove to myself I can! There are other motivations, Health, Appearance, ability to wrestle my kids to the ground for a couple more years, but the main motivation that is keeping me going is proving to myself that I am tough enough, disciplined enough to take this stick in my eye. 

I get pissed at myself if I eat too much, I get pissed at myself if I don't get a good workout in. 

Yes I know it's only been 9 days, but I guarantee I have found the right motivation and this is gonna work. 

Just do something,

Decide to save/invest $20 more dollars a paycheck and be tough enough to give up 4 fancy coffees a pay period. 

Decide to spend more/better time with your kids/spouse/pet? and be disciplined enough to give up an hour a week of Fantasy Sports team management. 

Decide to get back to fighting weight and be enough of a badass to just get an hour less sleep each day so you can work out pull it off. 

Decide you are gonna be part of a solution and not part of the problem and fix one of those things that bother you about yourself by just kicking ass and doing it and the accomplishment of just doing it will be even better than the end result. 

Whatever it is make it Extreme (which is totally subjective and up to you to decide) and then do it to prove that your are an ass-kicker instead of doing it for the end results. 

Have a great New Year and here's to you Sticking to something. 


  1. I like being the first to comment! I'd like to call mine "A Boot in the teeth and a dagger up the strap." - little Monty Python reference there.

    I pretty much decided to do the exact opposite in 2009 as I did in 2008. Not be married anymore, not have a baby, not be depressed and get off this crazy train!

    Ok. I feel better - here I come 2009 - The year of hope and change!

  2. Thanks for that Josie, very cool and candid comment!!!

  3. Wow...look at you Mr. Motivational Speaker! That was a great post! Sounds like you're already doing great...and thanks for helping motivate me and hopefully many others out there as well! I'm going to definately try to get that "stick in my eye" as well! (we're starting Choose 2 Loose at work next week...) Wish me luck!!!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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