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Not doing well with this.

Ok the post title is misleading. I am not doing well with posting regularly but my Extreme Cody challenge is actually going very well. I am down to 199 and have 22 days to go.

I am actually enjoying the challenge and liking the exercise. (Get a wii fit and have a blast).

Sidenote: The Steelers kick ass! If you are in Hutch for the Super Bowl go to Carl's Bar for the party there and tell Lucas (he's the chef at Carl's) that you think its cute that he's a Cardinals fan, but really he needs to get real!!

Second sidenote: I think its a little weird that the guy that is in charge of our countries money had 34k in back taxes, but it really does sound like it was an honest mistake. Let's drop it.

Third sidenote: glad to see Jolene posting comments again. Even if you disagree with Jolene, damn she does her research huh??

Fourth sidenote: It's 2:00 in the damn morning and I can't sleep so bear with me if this gets silly.

Fifth sidenote: I wish Obama hadn't had to waiver his anti-lobbyist in the cabinet rule so quickly, but again if the guy is the best for the job, let's give him a shot and just keep a little closer eye on him.

Sixth sidenote: I am starting a column in the local newspaper. Its tech tips for normal folks and I hope it doesn't suck. I will depend on all 4 of my blog readers to give me honest comments.

Seventh sidenote: $825 billion!?!? Son-of-a-bitch I hope that fixes this crap. I don't think its the right answer, but I don't have a better one that's realistic, so hell let's give it a whirl. We all as common citizens have to suck it up and do our part as well.

Eighth sidenote: just heard tonight that Obama is asking for the DTV thing to be pushed back to June. I knew I was a genius for procrastinating on the whole secret black box purchase.

Steelers rule!!
Cody Heitschmidt
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  1. Get some sleep!! That is a lot of sidenotes.

  2. Cody,

    First sidenote: Didn't hear about the back taxes so it's easy to drop.

    Second sidenote: I'm used to people disagreeing with me. I don't worry about it.

    Third sidenote: Weight loss and sleeping less seem to go hand-in-hand. All that good energy pumping through your system.

    Fourth sidenote: Is it still a rule if you break it on the second day?

    Fifth sidenote: I'm sure your column in the newspaper will be Tech-Trrrfic (and I leave that stuff to other folks).

    Sixth sideote: Somehow I don't think having the Fed give more money to States for abortions is going to stimulate the economy in any real way. Sounds like an earmark to me.

    Seventh sidenote: More money for the black box program is being included in the stimulus package though some folks say the demand for the cards comes no where near the amount being included for that line items in the stimulus money. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

    Eighth sidenote: Where did the $20 billion that the Feds sold the additional airwaves for go?

    Ninth sidenote: It's always good to be here Cody. You have a great blog. I just come and go from the internet. It's my usual circle. : )


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