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"The man with 6 phone lines" and "I ate like a pig this weekend"

I wrote my first column for the Hutch News a couple of weeks ago and it was publish on Super Bowl Sunday! The very same Super Bowl Sunday that my Steelers won their 6th Lombardi Trophy! Not a bad day for me. 

I got a few positive comments from a few people who read the article, that felt good. "Thank you" to those folks. One guy on the Hutch News website however, obviously didn't like it. Hell it kinda looks like he doesn't like me. I can't say it didn't bother me a little, it did. I tried to not be defensive in my response, I didn't quite pull it off. Oh well he has every right to say what he said, and seriously I wish him the best. (Link Here if you want to read the column and our comments.)

My Extreme Cody challenge was going great until this weekend. We went to Dallas to see some friends and somehow my mind considered it a full blown vacation and the folks hosting us were incredible hosts and I ate like a freaking pig. Gained 2 lbs. Gonna have to really tear it up for the next 13 days. 

Thanks Renee and Jim for showing us a great time. Not so much thanks for all the great food. If I lose this bet I am gonna invoice you guys!!

Then AJ posts this recipe  on whatsuphutch... you cannot tell me you don't want to try that!!

How's everyone else that made their own challenges doing??


  1. Cardinal's got screwed! How do you not review last play of a big game on a crucial down! Good game to watch though. Lame halftime show! Thought the Boss was'nt going to get back up after going down into weird position on his knee's at the beginning. Best commercial was E-Trade baby golfer with remarks like "skins beatdown" and shanker-potomous" were hiliarious!!
    Overall, great game, bad refs, lame halftime show and commercials.

  2. Just go on Scarsdale for a couple of days, drop the two pounds plus a couple more and you'll still be ahead of your goal. It'll all work out.

    Congratulations on your column. BlackBerry users all over Hutch are looking forward to your next column. : )

    P.S. Don't worry about a critic or two. Defensiveness is a self-protective instinct and you should always ask yourself why they feel the need to defend themselves.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    J.Q. - Definitely some shady calls. But some that went both ways. Great game and as a sports fan (not a steelers fan) I don't want to argue anymore referee stuff this year.

    Go Steelers!!

  4. Some people just look for something to complain about and when they can do it without signing their name say things they would never say if they were accepting responsibility for their thoughts. I have no respect for negative comments from people who won't sign their real names to them.

    Congrats on your overall challenge success!

  5. Pasty that is the dumbest blog comment in the history of blogs. It's horrible.


  6. I like your comment Patsy.

    I do think at times there is a place for anonymous commenting, but it doesn't hold much weight in my opinion most of the time.

    Way more often than not all is does is give people a sense of being able to say insulting crap.

    Good comment.

  7. Cody,

    One of my many failings is that I tend to think people see what I think is obvious without me saying it. It's something I've worked on for years but it's an inherent trait I have and I always lapse back into it.

    In this case, what I thought was obvious all along was your writing style has the same raw components of many writers I like. Writers like Garrison Keillor and Leon Hale Jr (who writes a column for the Houston Chronicle and has for decades).

    If you were writing a news article, getting from point A to point B, including all the pertinent facts would be the goal.

    It was my understanding that's not what you were doing. You were writing a chatty, let's get to know one another introduction and building a bridge from where people happen to be personally to where your traveling.

    In it's most advanced form, it's exactly what Stephen King does with his writing. He begins at a place that the reader feels the normalcy and responds to it in a positive way.

    Then slowly, so slowly you are slowly drawn into the horror of the normal that isn't quite normal, he takes you on the journey with him.

    All that said, some people really love a format where you go from Point A to Point B in a direct and organized fashion. That's all good. Each person is who they are.

    My response to the anonymous poster would have been ...Like it's a bad thing to be warm and welcoming? Isn't life lived in the moments of all of our lives? Why shouldn't we enjoy the path?

    JMO, of course.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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