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Crazy Day in Hutch

pic credit Lindsey Bauman/The Hutchinson News

Son of a Biscuit the wind blew yesterday,  I mean alot!!

The Wiley building blew apart and stuff flying everywhere. (more info and pics)

I kinda like the weather, keeps it interesting, of course I don't like it when humans suffer physically or financially, but the weather can be really exciting. 

We launched a new Games section on whatsuphutch yesterday, if you know Jeff Wells or his wife from Hutchinson, Ks... you're gonna want to see this (click)

I screwed around and thought I was busy and didn't get into a NCAA Bracket. I really consider that to be a major rookie mistake and would like to apologize to the few people who invited me into brackets. It wasn't that I didn't want into your bracket, it was just I couldn't get my head out of my ass and get all the things done I needed to last week. Go KU!

I am really trying to weed out some things in my life that are less important and would love to hear any of your ideas on simplifying. I do quite a bit of "things" and most of them are very important to me. But... I need to hack a few of them off my list. 

The first step I am gonna take starting tomorrow is getting up 30 minutes earlier, seems really simple huh? But... it will give me 2.5 more hours a work week to get tasks done. No guarantees it will happen on the weekends, hell I don't want it to. 


  1. Best advice I can give you Cody is learn how to say No. I tend to be the first to jump into a new project and find it hard to say no to something, especially when asked face-to-face (maybe I shouldn't be saying this to the world - gasp!). I clearly have a LOT of free time, what with a full-time job, 3 kids, girl scouts, planning commission, Rotary Club, Rotary Club board, Rotary District GSE Committee, Young Professionals, Farmer's Market in the summer, scrapbooking with my friends...oh and Facebook which eats into my time for everything else. I have learned to sit back and wait for someone else to volunteer first, I don't always have to do it. BUT, if someone else doesn't step up I can offer to help. AND I don't have to do it all myself. Wow, now if only I could follow my own advice....Good luck Cody, if you figure it out, let me know how...

  2. My mom was telling me about the wind on the phone. Makes me wonder if Dorothy was trying to get home from Oz again.

    Simplifying is really about trust and faith.

    Much like being a parent.

    When our child(ren) learn to walk, we watch them fall again and again. Picking themselves up and then before we know it, walking.

    We trust that growing pains are temporary.

    Simplifying is just expanding that to other areas of your life. Scaling back our inner perfectionist.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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