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I had to just stay out of it...

There was an incredible discussion here... I kinda mouthed off and prompted it and then stayed out of it cause I didn't feel educated enough on the issue once everyone else started discussing it. 

I still dont feel in my gut the housing bialout is a good idea, I definitely never said all the blame should layed on the people and we should abandon them, Nate will take the "Cody is an evil Republican and I will put words in his mouth" stance alot. 

I don't know the answer, thank you guys for giving me some great reading material in your comments. I respect all of your minds in a big way. 

We are headed to Washington D.C. as a family tomorrow and are hoping to meet up with Dave (the commentor from here) and just kick the crap out of his bleeding heart liberal ass. I don't know... Maybe we will just go out to drinks with him, gonna have to be a last minute decision. 

I will try to keep some pics and video and updates here from our trip if you care....

P.S. my Mom wrote an article here that made me mad cause she is becoming a good writer and I still kinda suck . 


  1. Have a great time in DC Cody. The Wall (Vietnam Memorial) is, IMHO, one of the most emotionally powerful things to visit. You've likely been there before but it never changes. All the emotion is still there each time.

    Someday you should go to the battlefield at Gettysburg if you've never been there.

    When we lived on the east coast we went to visit a number of Civil War Battlegrounds and while they were all interesting, Gettysburg is the one that really stays with you. It'll put a chill down your spine - or maybe that was just me since my great-grandfather fought there.

    It's an eerie thing to stand in front of a marker where half the men died knowing that if it had gone just a little bit differently, you never would have been born.

    Enjoy the fun stuff - all of it. Post pictures. Have a great time.

  2. Jolene,

    i have been twice.

    As a wanna-be History buff, I love it.

    My wife and 9 y/o will both be there for the first time, the hard part is deciding what to miss.

    So much to see and not nearly enough time.

    We will try to keep stuff posted on here for anyone that cares.

  3. Jolene - just had to comment - when Cody was in the 8th grade (I think) we took him back to DC mainly JUST to visit the battlefields - we visited a "ton" of them (sorry - not my thing but he and his dad are BIG history buffs and especially the civil war era) so they enjoyed it tremendously - nice to know there is another one out there -ha! They will have a great time - they had tremendous things planned! So much to see and do!! It will be fun to follow!

  4. i will be interested in your "Diet" while in DC! so far i have read about drinks, some rum , seafood!! you did look a little skinny when you left! have fun and keep us posted

  5. Pam,

    We began visiting Civil War battlefields just because we lived so close to many of them.

    Fredericksburg battlefield was across the street from Walmart when we moved to DC (military housing was in Woodbridge).

    My dad had been interested in it all for years before I picked it up. His grandfather was in the Civil War. Long generations in my family and my grandfather (my dad's dad) came from his dad's second family. His first wife died in childbirth and then later he remarried.

    Cody - I thought probably you would have been there before.

    Considering your last name and your interest in Civil War history, this tidbit might interest you.

    My great-grandfather immigrated from Switzerland/Germany (the area he came from has been in both as borders changed over time) with his brother when he was 15. They went on to Ohio where they had other family.

    When he was 17, Abraham Lincoln said that anyone who'd sign up to fight for the Union in the Civil War would be given automatic citizenship without meeting the other requirements. My great-grandfather, like so many other German immigrants of the time period signed up.

    The Union Army put most of the Germans, the majority of whom couldn't speak English together in combat groups. The German troops saw the worst of the war, being seen as more expendable that other units. They had the highest casualties among the Union troops overall.

    After they'd been fighting for several years, and were within a year of finishing up their original enlistment, the Army announced that anyone who re-enlisted would be given leave to go home (to where they came from in the US) for Christmas.

    For men who hadn't been home in years and had seen the worse that a bloody war entailed, the lure to go back home for Christmas was strong. For all they knew they wouldn't live through another year anyway.

    Like so many of the others, he signed the re-enlistment papers and went back to Ohio for Christmas.

    When he returned, the war dragged on for a lot longer than they'd been told it would. But that had been true all along.

    My great-grandfather was there until the end though. After it was all over, they marched all the way back to DC and walked through the streets in a parade.

    Abe Lincoln signed a wall sized document for each of those men, complete with their name on it. My mom has the original. I have a photo of it.

    He fought in the 55th Ohio Infantry. It was after the war that he moved to Kansas and homesteaded.

    German immigrants fought the worse of the Civil War. Paying the price for freedom soon after many of them came to our shores.

    Now you'll likely tell me Heitschmidt isn't a German name. : )

    Halbedel definitely is (My maiden name).

  6. I was trying to remember the numbers but googled to find them quickly.

    During the Civil War the 55th Ohio infantry numbered 1,350 men and lost in killed or wounded 750.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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