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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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It's been a great trip so far!!

Lot's of cool stuff. 

We dropped our daughter off at the conference and she seemed to fit right in and make connections with the other kids right away. 

I will let her tell more of those stories. 

Tam and I and our son and Amanda and her daughter had a tour of the White House today. It doesn't matter whose living there, this blog post and trip aren't about politics, they are about history and sharing it with my kids. 

Please, please, please make this trip a higher priority in your list than Disney world or Six flags. don't get me wrong, Disney World and Six flags should be on your list but if money is a consideration like us and you don't know what trips you are gonna be able to take in the future like us... Make Washingotn D.C. a priority for your kids to see. 

It's incredible to walk through the room that John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln's bodies layed in state in and see original pictures of George Washington and FDR. 

It's awe inspiring even to a 9yo boy that is just starting to build a love of history. 

To top the whole thing off as we stepped out ion the lawn to end our tour, President Obama's motorcade left the grounds right in front of us. 

I got this video with My BlackBerry. 

Here's the 3 of us there. 

We went to Museum of Natural History as well and we could spend 3 or 4 days there. 

Tomorrow is the Capitol and International spy Museum... Please get your kids out here for this. 


  1. Its great that you have been able to give your kids this opportunity! To this day I have not been to DC - I've been to two other countries capitals, but not my own. BTW, that's a really long motorcade.

  2. Great video Cody. I can tell all of you are having a wonderful time.

    One of the best things about DC is it's sense of history. I love all the memorials.

    The sculpture on the hill up from the Pentagon and in front of the Navy Annex (east of Arlington National Cemetary) is new since we lived there. I've seen pictures in the American Legion magazine.

    Loved the motorcade. Reminds me of a Jack Ryan movie.

  3. You have such a cute family. If only your daughter could have been in the picture. (ahem)


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