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Lifestyle changes, on the plane...

I wrote this on the plane and just forgot to post it in the airport.

It's important cause its my next step in growing up (not the
Kid Rock stuff, well maybe a little)

Sitting on a plane...

Listening to Kid Rock (the guy is an incredible musician/songwriter) don't let a few fistfights and nasty lyrics keep you from checking him out. Just Download "Roll On" off the "Rock and Roll Jesus" album. Amazing Song.

Anyhow I was also reading my feeds that BlackBerry downloaded right before we got on the plane. Zen Habits is a blog I love.. Written by a guy named Leo Babauta. I don't want to tell you what Leo's philosophy of life is but I will say what I think they are from the outside looking in. 
Leo wants to be constantly taking himself closer to a state of Zen. 

Not big huge crazy steps, just taking gradual easy steps towards a simpler life. I think the guy is a genius, but a genius in a wierd way. 

Kinda a Dave Ramsey kinda genius. You listen to Dave Ramsey? The guy just spits out a ton of ideas and thoughts that if you are smart enough to turn a damn radio on, you are smart enough to figure them out on your own. But Dave presents them in a way that makes you say "damn this guy is freaking finanacial genius." (Dave Ramsey's site)

Leo is the same way on Zen Habits, He doesn't really ever say anything that it would take a degree or years of training to learn. He just takes common sense, simpe ideas and presents them in a way that reaches in and touches the inner Buddhist monk in all of us. Just kidding, he is not trying to convert you, he just offers ways to make your life more simple. 

Anyhow I am going for it! I got myself to a healthy weight through Extreme Cody
(I know it wasn't that "extreme" but I forced myself to make a lifestyle change instead of just wanting to, it was extreme to me in that sense). My wife and I have adopted alot of Dave Ramsey's principles and "fixed" our finanacial situation extremely over the last 4 years. 

Now I am gonna Extreme Cody into Zen Habits. I am not gonna become a Buddhist, not gonna move to Tibet, not even gonna get robe to wear around each day. I am gonna follow Leo's guidleines make my life simpler and focus ALL of my attention on things that are important to me by eliminating things that aren't. I want to be happy, that's it. Really I want to stay happy as happy as I am right now  all the time and I have read Leo's blog for 2 years now and decided he is the reference or guide I want to use. It is all super simple stuff that I just need the peer pressure of logging on this blog to accomplish...

Here we go...

If you want:

follow me on twitter as I will post much more frequent updates/ideas there or

Follow Zen Habits on twitter , (don't tell anyone but he is more interesting to follow than I am)


  1. I am dissapointed that you are not investing in a robe and shaving your head. That would be more extreme!

    And in what Zen manner did you react when you spilled the coffee in your lap?

    I like that you are actually taking on my proclamation for the year: 2009 The Year of Hope & Change. And that your resolve to make lifestyle changes didn't die out a few short days into January.

    Keep up the good work Cody, you just might make it through mid-life without a crises!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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