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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Second Washington DC trip update.

That's KS Congressman Jerry Moran's desk. 

Wow we have seen alot. 

today was day 4 of seeing things. 

I dont want to try and list everything, I am trying to do real time updates on twitter so follow there if you want the play by play with corresponding pics. 

We went to supper last night with some old friends who live and work here. Dave (frequent commentor here) is the perfect example of someone who I consider to be a great friend and disagree with just about everything in the political world with. He is a very intelligent person and I am sure a phenomenal lawyer. Dave's a crazy bleeding heart liberal, the kind that keeps Moron far right idiots in check on a daily basis and keeps this Country the greatest place in the world. Luckily Dave has someone in his life to keep him on the straight and narrow (wink!). Seriously great night that was lotsa fun.  They took us to Matchbox in downtown DC... great place, put it on a list of restaurants if you are considering a trip. 

This morning we went to the International Spy Museum. If you are coming here with kids of any age... It's a must. trust me you will love it and so will the kids!!

We also went to the War Memorials and the Lincoln Monument today. If you don't get the significance of these sites... there's nothing I can tell you, If you get it, put seeing them on your Bucket List, close to the top!!!

I have tons of pics that I will upload to a picasa album when we get home, follow realtime on twitter or facebook. 


we have ridden in alot of elevators while moving around the city, my son invented "The Elevator Dance" for when the 3 of us are in an elevator together. Here it is:

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