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Ask not what your little town can do for you...

I have kinda been on this rant lately but it's still in my head, so I am gonna hit again. 

We are all seeing the economy hitting us or someone we know right?

Noone is really sure the bailout/stimulus what ever the hell is a good idea or is gonna actually work, right?

We all know everyone of our communities no matter what size is being or will be affected, right?

So what are we gonna do?

Let's just sit on our duffs and gripe about the politicians and wait for them to fix it ok?

You do that, I don't want to. 

I wanna do all I can to get out the backend of this as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Here's 7 things (either free or real cheap) that you can do to make a big improvement in your communities situation. 

1. Call a friend that lives somewhere else and invite them to come shopping in your mall or downtown and hype up the local retailers. Take them to a locally owned restaurant and if you really want to stay in the free category, act like you forgot your wallet! Seriously though any money they spend is new revenue for local merchants and increased tax revenue for your community. What if just 10% of Hutchinson, Ks pop. did this? (4,000 invites)

2. Go to your local attractions and check them out and take pics and video and email them to another friend that lives kinda close but somewhere else. Pick a different friend so you don't strat losing friends. If you have facebook page post them their. Again outsider money is increased revenue. Again in Hutchinson 10% participation is 4,000 email inboxes or Facebook accounts working for our economy!!

3. Go and actually pay the admission at local attractions. Can't spend $1000 on a travel vacation to Branson this year with the family? Spend $250 and check out all the local attractions in your town this summer. Thats new money brought into your community... I know its your money but you were gonna spend it in Branson, remember? 10% in Hutchinson is an extra $100,000 in the community.  

4. Support local events  - get out and go to free events and make them a success. Successful, well attended events draw dollars and if repeated will draw outside dollars. Plus their usually fun and you run into people you like seeing. Make sure the venue is big enough to avoid those you don't wanna see. If just 200 extra people went to Third Thursdays in Hutchinson Ks, the economic impact for those vendors would be incredible. 

5. Rack your brain and find another outside friend and invite them to the local events, again if you are just downright cheap leave your wallet at home and act like you are dying of hunger/thirst. 

6. Promote local events! with technology these days it si so easy to spread the word, grassroots style. Send emails, facebook, twitter, heck get a text, phone chain going. Even if you can't/just aren't going to the event, throw it a little publicity with your crowd. Some of your friends may want to go and may not know about it. Successful local events will incredibly boost the economy. If everyone in Hutchinson, Ks got 5 people to come to the Fair from another community that weren't already coming, the economic impact from the Gas Station purchases alone would be incredible. The more outside dollars that go into the local sales tax pool, the less local tax dollars that are needed. Right?

7. Give all you can to shop local. I know this is not always feasible! in some regards i see some local vendors not doing there part to make this more feasible. (thats another blog post) but try, and then try a little more. 

Whose got more ideas? 

Will anyone follow through with these? 

Even if you don't live in your smalltown hometown, you could still throw them a bone huh?


  1. take out an elderly person from your church or neighborhood -- Third Thursday would be perfect - they may not like to go out alone at night!

    Volunteer! The local historical society always needs help. Nursing homes always want visitors. Use the opportunity to talk up your town with the new people you meet.

  2. Great rant! I may have to try the "forgot my wallet" thing!
    Another suggestion is host an event yourself. Rather than plannig a big night out else where put together a BBQ or your style of party. You can control the guest list, theme, food and music. Maybe even some of your out of town guests will end up in local hotels!

  3. Great comments/ideas...

    Keep 'em coming!!

  4. We're members of the Kansas Cosmosphere and they give us free tickets for our membership (it's a great deal -you all should join) - we're going to give our tickets to out of town folks cause with our membership we get to go to the shows - that will get them here to spend $$$$. We also have invited people here that have never been to the National tournaments - they are sooo excited about seeing great basketball!!

  5. Yes, this is a great reminder for everyone. Wherever you live, you can always follow your suggestions. I like to make day trips for friends and family.

  6. I love going to the Fox Theater but really never appreciated the "historical" value of it until a friend of ours contacted us that is into "small town theater productions" in North Carolina. He had researched the Fox and wants to come and tour the Fox this summer... hmmm - now I'm excited at looking at the Fox in a totally different perspective - backstage, production wise. Another value of Hutchinson that I never think of that outsiders want to know more about -Bring them on!!!

  7. Hey - I just thought of something - I love the "Third Thursdays" and May 21 could be a beautiful evening downtown - we should try to make it the biggest ever - remember when you did the WUH RCAT ride stickers?? That made a huge impact on getting people "on the bus" and was successful!! I'd be willing to donate to the sticker cause if someone would do the stickers and we all start wearing them early that week to remind everyone to head to downtown that Thursday... just a thought.

  8. Cody,
    I've enjoyed our breif talks on twitter so I thought I'd visit your blog. I'm the USA made jeans guy. See, not even listing my site in a shameless attempt at self promotion.

    I would suggest to all that they consider starting a business or create a product, preferably made in USA. Jobs are the only real stimulus. All of your ideas are 100% correct for helping any small town, small company etc...

    When I set out to start making/selling jeans, I was surprised to find out we can still make products in this country at a reasonable cost and keep people working.

    Give me 1 business in your town that has a website and I'll do my part by purchasing something today. Just one thing, it cannot be a car dealership. ha ha ha ha. Nice blog.


    John Paulsen
    Jeans Guy

  9. Jeans Guy:



I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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