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Hutch bloggers tour and those damn Texans!!!

We had some folks into town this last week. Basically, we invited a bunch of Midwest bloggers  to Hutch to see what we have in our hopes that they would help us spread the word. Info on it is here and a follow up column from me is here . 

The actual tour is not what I want to talk about, go to the links above if you want to discuss the specifics of this event.

What I wanted to talk about is Texans. Everywhere you go you can hear people kinda laughingly (sometimes not so laughingly) bad mouthing the arrogance of Texans. They think everything is bigger and better. They are so damn proud of their state flag. Ford always make a specific model of truck just for them. Hell, the have been there own country like 54 different times. What a bunch of arrogant A-holes right?? 

I disagree, ok, I for the most part disagree. Some of them really are arrogant A-holes, but I think for the most part Texas is full of proud and brilliant self promoters. They want to tell you about all the cool stuff they have, what's wrong with that? They want to be proud of the fact they have some of the biggest and baddest stuff around, what's wrong with that? Heck, their Governor just came out and said "We don't want any stimulus money, we will fix our own problems"... sure as heck nothing wrong with that. 

I guess what I am saying is this, we as Kansans could afford to be a little more proud of what we have. We as Hutchinsonians could definitely afford to be prouder of some of the cool things we have. A little bit of self promotion is not cocky or egotistical it is just pride. 

I wrote a follow up to the bloggers tour here , it is proof that these folks that came from all over the place thought we had some really cool stuff to see in the Hutchinson area. 

Why don't we brag about it more??? Individually, why don't you use your facebook or email or twitter to spread the word about Third Thursday or the Cosmosphere or Underground Museum or the Fox theater?

Why doesn't every place act just a little bit more like those arrogant Texans???

Visitors are good right, increase to tax base, more money in merchants pockets is good right??

Please, If you do these things already don't come back and explain yourself to me, just accept this word of thanks, if you don't let me know why??

1 comment:

  1. Parts of present-day New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming were once part of the Republic of Texas.

    Forty years after that Kansas became a state...but the roots are the same.

    Are you sure your not part Texan Cody?


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