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I have decided to give hockey a chance.

I never really followed hockey at all. Been to a couple games and liked that but never followed it. Never really gave it a second thought. I am gonna broaden my horizons and start following it.

The Canucks are gonna be my team cause they have the coolest name.

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Cody Heitschmidt
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  1. Why?

    I'll give you a couple of reasons why I don't like hockey.

    1. College basketball
    2. Baseball
    3. NFL offseason-up coming draft.
    4. Is hockey on tv aside from the occasional fight they show on sports center?

    How can you even give it a chance? Just the lack of coverage would require an enormous amount of time just to get up to speed on what was going on.

    Rules, offenses, defenses, fouls, verbage, lingo all would need to be learned.

    The only reason why it survives is because it provides an alternative to "something to do" The majority of people at the games are there to watch the potential fight. The true fans of hockey have been around it their lives, and probably played some sort of little league growing up.

    Do you remember that hockey had a players strike for over a year. Did anyone know it was gone? Did anyone care that it came back?

    I guess that's how I feel about it......

  2. Hockey's ok. Better in person. Which is a problem for you when the closest team is... guessing... Denver or Dallas?

    Vancouver is a pretty long trip.

    Aside from that, previous post is right... it's just not on TV. They run the New Years Day game because it's a novelty. They run All-Star weekend. They run playoffs. SportsCenter doesn't even talk about it bc ESPN doesn't have a contract anymore (don't get me started on that corruption). So if you want to be a fan of NHL Playoffs, you could probably pull that off.

    Otherwise, you're going to be following box scores like a 1920s baseball fan.

    Watch the playoffs for the next month or so; then forget about hockey til next April.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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