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What I think of Mark Cuban:

Let me start this off right, this is not a factual document or Bio of Mark Cuban. It's a opinion piece. I have kinda been passively doing research for the last several years, but I will quote almost no facts because I am not a research kinda guy. 

I have put Mark Cuban on a pedestal for about 3 years now, not as a person, as a business man and public figure. I don't know Mr. Cuban on a personal basis. I hate when people look at public figures they have never meet and make assumptions about their personal lives. Mark Cuban may be a saint in his personal life and he may be a real ass. Not up for discussion here, cause none of us know. 

Here's the part I want to talk about...

When Mr. Cuban became the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team is when my interest is peaked. sometime in the beginnings of his ownership of the team he made a comment about a referees call or ability, the league fined him and he sent extra money and told them to "Run a tab" (please again realize I don't know the exact facts on the story and correcting them is fruitless). This kinda reaction from a billionaire sports team owner can be taken as a egotistical prick who thinks they know everything. I took it as a guy who is passionate about winning and my interest was peaked. 

You see I love winning and I love people who love winning. I didn't say cheating, no patience for that. I also love people who are mega winners (whether its a scoreboard or a bank account) and don't let it change them. I like a billionaire who can still throw on jeans and sit with us folks who had to save up for the tickets.

Mark Cuban is a winner (at least for sure in the bank account dept.) and its obvious that he loves winning and has the dedication and discipline to push himself and those around him to win. 

He wrote a blog post once about competition and how he didn't really have the desire to be rich, he just wanted to win and the only scoreboard he could continue to compete on was the dollar figure scoreboard. He writes often about playing basketball and pushing himself past his (older) bodies limits. I love a disciplined, hard working, driven competitor. I am never rooting for the underdog (unless they are my team) the underdog is the team that in the past hasn't worked hard enough to be the favorite. If North Carolina is playing "St Francis of Nobody ever heard of them" I want North Carolina to win by 70, they deserve it. The Pittsburgh Steelers have more Super Bowls than anyone else cause they have consistently worked harder as a organization since it all started. I love competitors people with an almost uncontrollable urge to be the best. Again, I didn't say cheaters or even shitty losers. I said competitors. Mark Cuban, from my perspective, is a competitor. 

So that's what got my interested in checking into this guy. His blog was the first thing I ever subscribed to when I discovered RSS. And for the past few years I have kinda considered him a mentor from afar (again, in the business world, if he's a jackass personally, I really don't care). 

Then it happened...

A few moths ago (whenever) Mr. Cuban wrote a blog post that I think is completely wrong. He has started taking a stance that internet video delivery will never take the place of traditional TV delivery. He thinks satellite and cable will not be affected by the internet in the same way newspapers and the music industry have and I think he is dead wrong and I have lost all respect for him. Ok that was for dramatic effect, I am kidding, I have lost zero respect for him. I still put him on a list of driven disciplined people that I aspire to learn from, a list that includes Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken and George Patton. People that wanted to win, real bad, but did it with some honor, did it through hard work and integrity. I do disagree with him, I think eventually all of our entertainment will be delivered via internet based resources but thats cool, he is way more educated on the topic than me and it is completely off subject in this post.

Anyhow I now follow the Dallas Mavericks mainly because I want to be educated when i read his reactions to the previous nights game. I have honestly become a fan of a pro sports team because of the passion of their owner. (same reason I am a Yankee fan.) I read his blog regularly  and no kidding if you want to be inspired and educated on competing in the business world, he is a legit source.

* I just reread this post to proof and realized that like always I rambled on horribly! sorry!?whole post coulda been "Hey check out these 2 links"

** I asked for thoughts on Mark cuban from twitter followers while i was writing this and got a great set of comments. 

paulgalicea@codyks great owner who puts the fans first good for the nba could tone down the arrogance.

My response to that was:@paulgalicea isnt the "arrongance" what sets him apart and creates the postive stuff you mentioned?

I think that sums it up, I think that arrogance ( i would call it confidence) is actually just passion, would you still have that kinda passion when the net worth hit 10 figures??


  1. Once again Cody is way out to lunch. Why does he just stop babbling and get a life

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