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I took some storm pics/vids last night.

I am by no means a photographer or videographer and really this isn't that exciting of stuff.

The last pic of after the storm, i was kinda proud of it came out nice.

Really I just thought those of you that have experienced Ks Thunderstorms but now live elsewhere might enjoy them.

This is a pic as the storm was a long ways off but headed our way.

The clouds r getting angry. on Twitpic

These are 3 videos I took of clouds and some cool lightning:

This is a pic of the Sun coming back out after the storms.

How bout this for a post storm pic? #fb on Twitpic

I know... not award winning stuff, but really i have no idea what I am doing.

My family spent about 20 minutes in our storm shelter when the worst of it was right on top of us. Everyone is fine at our house and only some minimal tree damage. Best of luck to all those who suffered worse damage.

Hope you liked the pics/vids.


  1. Every time we come to visit, I realize how much the geography of a place is a part of you.

    Great video Cody. My mom lost her power with the storm but it came back on about 3 a.m. the next morning.

    There is just something about Kansas thunder.

    I've loved rain and thunder all of my life. I remember loving it when I was a little kid. We lived in a one-bedroom trailer house and my dad had built bunkbeds into the walls for us 4 kids. I had the top bunk with a little crank open window. The rain would be right on my head on the tin roof and I'd open the little window and smell the rain. It was so wonderful.

  2. Jolene,

    I love your comments. I really appreciate the time and thought you take and put into them.

    Folks that take time and think before they talk/type are really refreshing to me.

    p.s. Storms are freaking cool, as long as noone gets hurt.

    Thanks again.


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