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Something to be proud of!

I talk quite a bit about pride. I really think a conscious effort to be more proud of some of the cool things in a persons life and community can lead to huge benefits.

I wrote here about how living my life so I am proud of myself at the end of the day keeps me on track to happy.

I wrote here that I really think communities that took more pride in themselves could see huge financial benefits.

Point is I think the world lacks pride and some folks look at it as arrogance when in fact I think it's one of the healthiest thought processes there is. Pride does not = arrogance!

So today our family was in Salina Ks for a soccer tournament and after the game another set of parents suggested our 2 families go and Check out Smoky Hill Winery. We went and I am here to tell you it is something we as Kansans should all be proud of and spread the word.

I had heard of Smoky Hill Vineyard before and I gotta be honest... I had this preconceived idea that it was a couple of grapevines out behind a barn that turned out a couple of bottles of wine each year. Holy Crap i was wrong. The place is incredible, very classy but fun. Great people, GREAT WINE and a very cool story.

I promise you ... no matter where you live, this place should be on a list of somedays!

Here's there website:

Here's a map to the Vineyard we went to today.

Here's a video i took while we tasted too much wine:

Here's a pic of the vineyard:

We are at a winery in Kansas. Very cool. #fb on Twitpic

1 comment:

  1. Used well, pride helps us reach for the person we want to be.

    Very often, it helps us stay the person we've always been.

    Our neighbor has a car repair shop a block away. On the wall there, he has a sign that says:

    "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter".

    He's proud of being a good man.

    Pride has done so much good in the world despite it's bad reputation.


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