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Drum Corp International Hutchinson, Ks.

Monday of this week we took our family to the Drum Corps International event at Gowans Stadium in Hutchinson Ks. This is the 2nd year in a row we have taken our kids.

I think I blogged about it last year, but I am on my phone and don't have the patience to search my own blog for it.

Ok, here's the thought consuming my mind ever since we left the stadium.

"Son-of-a-bitch those folks are talented and dedicated"

Here's my main reason for bringing it up:

"Its not my type of thing at all"

I am a sports nut. Was a wanna-be-athlete in High School and pretty much think Gowans stadium is for football games and track meets. I did at least.

I am sincerely admitting I didn't respect the talent and discipline that the musicians and Color Guard have and have to have to do what these Drum Corps do when I was in high school. I do now. Really I did after last years event and just had it really reaffirmed this year.

I am 34 years old and love experiences like this that make me grow, make me open up my mind and see things a little bit smarter than I did before.

Honestly these folks are just as talented and disciplined as any group of athletes I ever saw. Major respect goes out to every individual on the field at Gowans that night.

I will probably always be MORE into football games in that facility, but I truly look forward to the next time you guys roll into town.

p.s. All the group were incredible to watch but "The Blue Knights" were my favorite.

Cody Heitschmidt
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  1. Cody - Great post...I am familiar with Hutchison, KS as I marched with the Sky Ryders when they were based there back in the 80's. (I'm getting old!)

    Lots of good vids of DCI posted on youtube if you want to see what other corps are doing and have done in the past. I saw a couple of pics of The Blue Knights 2009 show posted as well.

    Also, webcasts some of their bigger shows. Check out the Fan Network on their site. A great fix for those of us that can't make too many shows.

    You're spot on about the dedication and work it takes to march. Lotsa work...lotsa fun...lotsa memories.

  2. I was there on Monday with my wife. Great show and great way to spend a nice summer evening in Hutch. We liked the Troopers.

  3. When we drove off and looked back at the stadium it was amazing. The crowd was huge and it was a beautiful night. I truly commend those kids also and am so glad I went - another great thing we get to do in Hutchinson Kansas! We liked the Troopers but they all were so very talented!

  4. I enjoyed the show so much that it hurt to drive away that evening. I used to march Sky Ryders when we were based in Hutch and I miss them dearly. I drove all the way from Lubbock, Texas just for that show and was taken back to the good ol' days. The activity has changed some but the hard work and perseverance hasn't. I can't wait for next year when we place a Sky Ryder alumni corps back on the field. I am glad it changed your perspective, I only wish more can experience the true heart of the Drum Corps activity. Nothing like Drum Corps on a hot steamy evening.

    Dave Martinez
    Sky Ryder Alumni


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