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What are you working for?

This is a picture off the balcony of the cabin we just stayed in at Big Cedar Lodge.

Sitting there early this morning I got to thinking.

First thought was "Damn this is the life".

Second thought was "this is what I spend most of my waking hours at work for". Not to pay the bills, I do that and want to keep doing that, but its not why I am working. Not to have fancy things, I like some fancy things, but not many and that is definitely not the reason I am working. Not to give off an impression of being wealthy, honestly if you know me, you know I don't give a rats butt if anyone thinks I am rich.

I work because I want to enjoy life and be able to sit on a porch on a lake house and know that all the other crap in the world is as good as I can make it for right now.

(That's the same reason I work so hard at being a good, vigilante parent, so I can sit on my ass sometimes and not worry if I have done my job as a Dad)

I work so hard so when I am not working I can sincerely enjoy life.

Why do you go to work each day?
Cody Heitschmidt
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  1. Your post reminds me of something I read in the book Emotional Design by Donald A Norman. He discussed "Pattern 134: Zen View...- an architectural solution to the problem of overexposure."

    Humans adapt and easily become bored with things they see everyday or take things for granted much easily - such as a beautiful scene. So, when it comes to building structures within beautiful surroundings, the idea is not to spoil the view "by building huge windows that gape incessantly at it. Instead, put the windows which look onto the view at places of transition..." so you can enjoy it more.

    So, yes, we work hard so we can go enjoy those places that we aren't overexposed to...and we can enjoy them that much more. But, honestly? I'd rather be overexposed to those places ;-)

  2. DN,

    Great comment.

    I really enjoy the architectural analogy.

    I do feel that overexposure is an issue. We actually consciously leave on vacations wanting more for that exact reason. I don't ever want to be sick of a vacation destination for fear that "being sick" will dominate the memory of the destination.

    Seems weird when I type it out, but it makes sense in my head. lol!

    Thanks again.

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