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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Dave Ramsey agrees with me on cash for clunkers!

(I got this pic for the car... but look at the cool house in the background!)

My last post on here was about some of my concerns over cash for clunkers.

After reading my post... my Mom sent me this link to Dave Ramsey's newsletter.

Dave obviously has some of the same concerns I do.

I truly love Dave's outlook and advice on finances and really respect his opinion on those matters.
(please don't get into Dave's Christian influence... If you don't like it, that's your prerogative, not what this post is about)

I do sometimes wish folks like Dave would open things up for discussion and be open to at least emphasizing the good things that come from programs even if the don't like parts of them.

There's no doubt that cash for clunkers benefited car manufacturers and (if they all get paid) will benefit the dealerships. Anyhow.. I wish Dave wasn't so "I am right and you are wrong" about it, but at least a Big famous Person agreed with me on something, some parts of something.

Ok... so I dont even know what the point of this post is sorry

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