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Thanks so much to everyone....

Well, I drug my friends and family and supporters down another ridiculous business idea of mine and now is the time to admit I was wrong and move on.

First and foremost I wanna say "thank you" to a ton of people.

On top of that list is my family, I have really made the last several months hard as hell to be a wife, daughter, son, parent or family member of mine. I am sorry for that, but I am truly thankful that you were there with me for the fun part of it and I will never forget you backing me into this silly idea.

Next I gotta thanks to all the friends... you know who you are, whether you helped with backing or just showing up to work concessions stands and refused to take the tips. I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate it. I will always be behind you anytime you need it.

Next the City of Hutch. Thank You. I hope folks in this town realize what we have in John Deardoff and his staff. They truly are the folks that will continually make this town better. There will always be room for improvements in this town I love and firmly believe John and the folks over there are leading us in the right direction.

Thank you to all the supporters! Some many cool people came out and had a blast with us at the hall. So many awesome comments on the facebook page and great emails of support. This town really is loaded with cool people.

But... I am done, I am admitting defeat. I didn't know what I was doing and the folks telling me all the things I did wrong are absolutely right. I said from the get go that I didn't know what I was doing. It's on the minutes of the City Council meeting. I did think that I could get a group of people around us that did know what they were doing and we could grow this into something that would work... I got the people, they were phenomenal, but I wasn't the right guy to be spearheading it.

We were under-capitalized - true. I had no idea how to run a concert hall - true. I brought in the wrong acts for what people wanted to see - true. I didn't market in the correct places to get the people to come see the acts - true. All those things are completely true.

I don't wanna any sympathy, I entered this as a business decision. I chose not to ask for any sponsorship money, I chose not to ask the city to subsidize it at all, I chose not go after sponsorships and tax dollars because I thought those dollars could be used better by someone else. All of those choices were mine and mine alone. They were all mistakes and all my mistakes.

I owe some apologies as well:

To my family for sure... holy crap I have made this last several months hard, sorry, I truly am.

To the folks in town that have busted their asses and volunteered to help, I really am sorry that I wasn't able to make this happen for you.

To the folks who were just coming down and enjoying the hell out of the entertainment we had, no kidding I am sorry we aren't gonna keep it going for you folks.

I hope that someone that does know what they are doing sees some opportunity here. They are more than welcome to have the Hutch Hall Website and I will turn over the Hutch Hall facebook page to them.

So the situation is this: We had a 90 day cancellation policy in the contract with the city and effective today we are choosing that option. We will continue with all the events we have scheduled and the city will get our calendar for all the events that are scheduled beyond that 90 days. We will get all our bills paid within that 90 days and be done with.

To those who say I shouldn't blame anyone but myself... you are absolutely right, and in fact I never have. I have NEVER blamed anyone but me. I wasn't prepared and didn't go about this right and I admit that and I am getting out. I don't think I have done any irreparable damage. A think a bunch of folks had a few good times at the hall and I hope some folks have a few good memories. I will fix the damage I have done and no one will be left short any $$.

Again, Thanks to those that deserve it, and I am truly sorry to those who deserve an apology from me as well.

If you are someone that already supports our current entertainment at Metro, The Fox and The W among the many others, please continue to do so. If you don't currently check out the entertain at our local venues, give it a thought. These folks know what they are doing and they are truly bringing in world class stuff to our cool little town.

BTW... The last show that Hutch Hall Productions will produce at the hall will be a truly incredible Acoustic Country Show on April 9th. Seriously... its gonna be killer. Details here - the beer will be cold too!


  1. I think you are being overly rough on yourself! Kudos to you for doing your best. I couldn't have done any better - not any at all. I hate to see ya' give up, but I hope someone takes it over and keeps up what you started, because what you started was GREAT!!!

    Whatever your next venture is, I am behind it 100% because I fully believe that you weren't in it for personal gain (although some of that might have been nice for you) but you were in it because it would enrich our community.

    Don't be down on yourself because in your eyes you damn proud of yourself because you did a wonderful thing for our community and if it didn't work out, the community still benefited from it, even if only for the short term.

    I love your passion for our community and I think you are an inspiration.

    (((Hugs to you, my friend))) and don't be so hard on yourself!!

  2. Wow, sorry to hear BUT nothing ventured, nothing gained. At least you were willing to take a risk and try to do something! It's a tough game for people with DEEP pockets. Like you said, it's just biz. I fail more than I succeed, but here's to your spirit of entrepreneurship and love for your community. Keep swinging for the fences!

  3. Thanks for giving it a shot. It takes courage to try , and to admit that it didn't work. You have done both gracefully.

  4. Cody, congratulations on a grand adventure.

    While it always hurts to close a business, I applaud you for taking on this challenge, for learning a whole new field and for being willing to try. You pulled together a group of people who became involved in something. You worked to make Hutch a better place.

    You have made a difference.

  5. It is clear you jumped in to do this for the city. I think your effort will inspire future efforts by other people. I'm proud of you, Cody, for so many reasons. You're a great role model for doing things for the right reason, for seeing the writing on the wall, for taking responsibility, for thanking people. These are the best kind of leadership skills. Thanks to your family and all those that jumped in to help. Standing O to you.

  6. Cody - I admire your passion, spirit, hard work and dedication to making Hutch a fun place to live and work. Lots of people don't have the courage to step into the unknown but I'm thankful that you tried. We need more people to try; take a chance and just do it like you did! You did not fail! You gave us all some very happy moments and for that I'm grateful. Get some rest.


  7. We need more Cody's and Tamara's in this world who just want to make their town a better place to raise a family and live a good life. You both should be very proud of yourselves. Your great role models to your community, but most of all your children. Thanks for the dodge ball tourney and letting me feel like a kid again (even though I couldn't move for three days).

  8. Great Job Cody and Tamara!

    Hold your head high for trying. (Have had to do that myself with a couple business ventures :-)

    Thanks for having a vision and working hard at it. You should be very proud.

    We had an absolute blast at the concert and thought it was very cool to have such big names in Hutch.

    Amy Kraft

  9. Yes, this is "mom" and you should have expected this comment. I could not be more proud - sad, yes, they worked so hard and wanted it for the right reason - did I ever hear "we're going to get rich this, mom!" - no, it was, "maybe we'll give Hutch something they want here", I did watch them listen and take advice and want to do what was right to make it happen. But, as I've said before, the Heitschmidt's (and I mean the four of them) will be okay as they are a very strong family and there is a great deal of love, dedication and commitment within that family group - the things that truly get you through everything in life - they have it. They tried this and I saw them have fun with it, I'm sorry it didn't work, but they will be okay, they are an amazing family. I am truly blessed to have them and I'm glad they try these things and glad they let this old lady help them pop popcorn! I had so much fun and loved watching families and people enjoy themselves in that amazing building. I also was in awe at watching their friends.... OMG - there are some great "young" people out there and I grew to appreciate their dedication, commitment, work ethics and love for Cody and this community - I, as a mother, thank you for that also. Don't ever give up on people, ideas, or Hutch! It really is a great life, just look around. God bless you all.

  10. Cody,
    There are a lot of KUDDOS to be had for you and your family! I have been a life time resident of Reno County and have very found memories of you and your family being involved everywhere someone was needed!!!! Between coaching, volunteering, and supporting everything in this county anyone would be a FOOL to see you guys are failures!!! Your family also steps up to any plate that needs someone!!! Your family is not only very friendly to everyone that you come into contact with, but you have supported everyone in all the different endeavors that they enter. You guys should be PROUD of everything you have done and have no doubts in your ability for future choices! The only reason that the concert hall was not as successful as it would have been was because you tried to support it way too out of your own family pocket, trying to save the city and county's money for other issues. You are not a failure and should not be hard on yourself at ALL!!!! You should be proud of what you have shown the city, county, and public that that hall could be used for!!! A couple of years ago they were thinking of tearing it down then decided to fix the problems and use it, then why does the city use it to all the potential. It is in my hopes that they officials have seen thru your guidance that the hall could be used more and attract all types of entertainment and supporters. They would have not know this if you have not shown them!!!! You are a hero!!!! That's right a HERO!!!! Your family once again acted upon being a leader and not a follower!!!! Your family has once again shown others what they should have thought of before!!!!! If there was an award out there to the number one family that leads the rest of us to a better life, community, and world kindness you guys deserve it!!!! Please do not be down on yourself!!!! Think of it as you guys have lead the city and county officials to recognize what this community is worth, and now it is time for them to take your vision and lead with it!!!! You have opened the door!!!!!

    Thank you for all the you and your family has done!!!! You are all amazing!!!! I wish that I have the ability to lead for the future as you!!!! God Bless All of you!!!

  11. Cody, You are a remarkable person who always has only the best intentions and we are all so grateful to have someone like you in our community!! Thank you for all of the support you offer to so many and all of the things you do that many don't even know about! You are great and I am so glad to know you.

  12. Of course I want to thank Tamara, too!! You guys are wonderful people that our community needs more of!!!

  13. Cody-one of my favorite quotes...

    "The things you learn in maturity are not simple things such as acquiring information and skills. That's for kids. You learn not to engage in self-destructive behavior. You learn not to burn up energy in anxiety. You learn to manage your tensions, if you have any, which you do. You learn that self-pity and resentment are among the most toxic of drugs. You learn that the world loves talent but pays off on character.

    You learn that most people are neither for you nor against you, they are thinking about themselves. You learn that no matter how much you strive to please, there are some people in this world who are not going to love you, a lesson that is at first troubling and then really quite relaxing. "

    -John W. Gardner

    The great thing is that your family are the people in the world who will always love you. You have a ridiculously great support system, one thing I wish we weren't so far away from! For a brief time, you were a part of Memorial Hall's life and that is memorable.


  14. Cody and Tamara. You both are TOPS in my book!!! You didn't tried something that thousands of others wouldn't have had the guts to attempt; to save a community icon and provide something that we all could be proud of and enjoy. For that I give you a standing O as should everyone in this town.

    I imagine this won't be the last we hear from you as it is in your blood to forumlate ideas and to make a difference.

    Here is a quote that I feel is fitting:

    "The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur." Vince Lombardi

    Best to you both,
    Aaron East

  15. Epic Fail.
    Memorial Hall is a dated venue. Current national acts wont play here. Management was asking astronomical prices and unreasonable requests for local acts to play, which obviously no one was willing to pay or conform to. The venue does however have a history. Let leave it with whatever dignity it has left. Good try, but not good enough.

  16. Thanks to all of you for the great comments. Means a ton! Seriously... thank you.

    To Epic Fail...

    What were the astronomical prices and unreasonable requests you speak of... seriously just name one fact to support your little rant here. Just name one fact and i will quit thinking you are an idiot.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. dear cody.

    successfully run a promotion and/or venue and hutchinson will quit thinking you are an idiot.

    regardless your memorial hall adventure was an epic fail.
    love always, EPIC FAIL.

  19. Epic...

    Did you read the first sentence on the page you linked to?

    What are the unreasonable requests?

    The quoted price for a for-profit promoter is about 20% of similar venues in Wichita.

    Every single local act that approached us was offered an opportunity to play with zero dollars out of their pocket, did you know that, or do you just like to sit and whine?

    Every single promoter was offered a much better deal than what is stated on the site because we were willing to work with them and we took the risk, did you know that or does anonymity just give you the big balls to play a know-it-all.

    Every single local act that played the hall made some money... while we took the risk and lost when we couldn't get enough people... did you know that or are you just feeling good about thinking you have all the answers?

    Or honestly are you just a bitter nay-sayer that wants to seem smart and have all the answers.

    Oh and again... list a fact that is unreasonable in your opinion.

    List a "unreasonable request" that we made on any single local act.

    Or just sit there and be anonymously bitter... thats fun too.

  20. Epic Part 2

    You say noone was willing to conform to the unreasonable requests we made of local bands... did you know we had multiple local bands play the hall in the first 2 months of the year... or were you to busy to notice. People conformed... people came and played.

    You also said "current national acts" wont play the hall. What makes you say that? Where does that come from any basis or just bitter ranting?

  21. You keep mentioning that I am bitter, this is not the case. All I am trying to do is enlighten you to exactly why you failed. I am not saying that I have all the answers, I AM saying that you obviously didn't. Mostly it just really bothers me that so many people are coddling you and telling you how great of a job you did, which isn't the case at all. You booked Uncle Cracker, congrats, but Grand Prarie booked Eve 6. Evidently its not hard to book forgot about bands trying to reestablish themselves. How much money did you lose on that blockbuster? Did it sell out? You consider Memorial Hall to be at the same caliber as Wichita venues. It is not. It is not really a good concert venue, it is not established, it is not a sellout venue, it is in Hutchinson, it has no parking, rental rates are astronomical, requests for pretty much anyone wanting the hall for an event are just unreasonable for a venue with nothing to offer for to anybody. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you on how awesome you did, and that it isn't your fault, and how I'm dumb and you're smart.

    Love always, Epic Fail.

  22. PS
    1300 for profit
    15% merch
    House Personnel - (required at Hutch Hall Productions discretion) $20.00 per hour per person.
    Security - (as required by Hutch Hall Productions and Hutchinson Police Dept.) House Security $30.00 and hour/ Hutch Police Department $43.00 an hour
    Lighting/Sound Techs - $75 an hour per person
    Janitorial Fee - $175.00 (can be a deposit if self clean-up is approved)

    Box Office - $20.00 per hour per person

  23. Dear E. F. -
    I'm offended by your comments regarding those who you say are "coddling" our friend Cody. I hold Cody in high regard. He had courage and blind faith to try something new, to bring entertainment to Hutch and then afterward had the class to be humble and honest about his venture. Have you Mr. E.F. - ever tried anything like Cody and his family have and come out on the other side with dignity and the support and respect of his friends? Have you ever tried anything of this magnitude that required guts, intelligence and class? I think not. Therefore, you do not have the authority or deserve to devalue our friend's efforts.

  24. In everything in life, there are always those "armchair quarterbacks" who critique everything from calls the refs make in a football game, what local government is doing, to the decisions a business owner makes. These armchair quarterbacks complain, gripe, and basically whine about everything they see in front of them. It's EASY to sit back and complaining about things.

    It's really HARD to get out there and actually CHANGE the thing that you are complaining about/ not happy with.

    You, Cody Heitschmidt, are a doer and a shaker. You WEREN'T happy with sitting back and knowing that there were possibilities out there. You stuck your neck out, gave it a heck of a shot, and did more for this community in three months than some people who have lived a lifetime here have done.

    As far as armchair quarterbacks, there will always be spaces in a blog for them to comment anonymously in. Glad you gave this guy something to throw his football through.

    Love ya. Babe.

  25. Dear Epic Fail,
    I know you posted these comments a while back... but I don't read my dad's blogs much.. (sorry about that dad) and just now saw it.

    Number 1. The fact that you use the word FAIL. Nothing that my dad did about this was a failure. This is courage. Being able to believe that something can happen even when everyone else is doubting you. Obviously you have never had the guts to take a chance to see where something ends up at. Maybe you should it sometime.

    Number 2. Did you ever take the time to stop writing rude comments and come to a show at the hall? I was at almost every single one and never once did I personally hear someone say something bad about the show or complain about it. They always commented about how much fun they had though. Most of my friends, my friends parents, my friends siblings, even my friends grandparents attended a couple of the events. When they left, most of them had a huge smile on their face and a sweet word to say about the show they had just seen.

    Number 3. Please get your facts straight before you go making yourself look a little bit like a idiot.

    remember I'm thirteen if you decide to come back with a response.


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