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Kate's Questions for Patrick….or anyone else of the Republican/conservative persuasion who would like to talk to her….

*** note from Cody - this is a guest post from Kate... Kate is an intelligent doer! She's someone that at times is a polar opposite to me politically but I don't care because she honestly wakes up in the morning with a goal of making her little part of the world better. We need more Kate's in the world! Hopefully a couple of them coming along lean a little more my way politically, but we need more Kate's!
So here's her post, let's talk it up! (I did zero proofing before posting, I didn't even pre-read it)

Dear Republican friends and neighbors,

Please talk to me about a few of the tenants of the modern Republican party. As an outside observer the concerns held by the Republican party about “opposition to the unnecessary encroachment and expansion of the government” appear, from the outside, to be at odds with other actions taken or values held by the Republican party. To me this appears to be hypocrisy yet I know there are many well meaning and intelligent Republicans and I only want to understand how you reconcile these beliefs or opinions.

I truly mean this to be a series of questions to help me understand and I will try my best to separate these questions from any explosive language. oppose (what we see as) unnecessary expansion and encroachment of government.unnecessary expansion and encroachment of government

So, here I go:

There is current concern about unnecessary encroachment and expansion of the government. How is this reconciled with the expansion and encroachment of the government under the Bush administration? Particularly in response to the Patriot Act, the unfunded spending on behalf of the Iraq war, the expansion of many social programs? Many news sources site the former President Bush as having “presided over the largest expansion of government since Lyndon Johnson.” (just do a goggle search for ‘government expansion under bush’)

Why was that good under President Bush and intolerable under our current President?

To make my questions a little harder: why is it ok for the encroachment of government to reach into who I want to marry or what procedures my doctor and I might consider?

Please, please don’t see this as baiting you into angry responses. I really want to understand.

I think in many ways I might be quite open to being a Republican, but I have no ability to tolerate hypocrisy. I can’t stand it in the Democratic party either. So, honestly, honestly, I ask you to help me understand how these pieces fit together for a modern Republican.


  1. Kate,

    I am registered Republican (for now) but I agree 100% with you. The republican party now basically stands for whatever the opposite of what the dems stand for. I happen to believe that vice-versa also applies.

    I am going to switch my affiliation to libertarian. I am not with them 100%, but I agrre with them on platforms the most.

  2. Ok, said I wouldn't respond but have too. I think in large part why most of us leaning right or republican are a bit upset. I won't address the specific questions because although I do lean right I don't always agree with everything either party does or says. Maybe I am an "independent"??
    Here is where a lot of the conversations my fellow right leaners and I usually end up on, Yes, there is hypocrisy on both sides..but we expect that, unfortunate but we some point. But what really twist us up about President Obama is how he rode in under the banner of "Hope and Change" and really all we have gotten was more of the same, and sometimes even worse. That's my 2 cents.

  3. I don't know about that, USMCWIFE, I think we've gotten some change under Obama. We've got necessary health care reform. There's some significant financial reform on the table.

    I can only imagine what could be accomplished if the opposing side of the aisle were concerned with being constructive, rather than obstructive.

    But the truth is (for the folks that voted for Obama) that we are getting the hope and change promised. Naturally, it's not all flowers and rainbows, but it's a step in the right direction.

    And, truthfully, if you didn't vote for Obama, and you don't fundamentally agree with him, then you can't really expect any of that "Hope and Change" to apply to you, can you?

    There are things Obama's administration has done that I don't agree with, and there are things that I believe they don't put enough priority on. But to me, it's moving in the right direction.

  4. These are good questions Kate, and as a liberal Democrat, I am not who you are asking for a response. I could expand on my thoughts on the current state of Republicans, but I, like Kate, would rather hear from conservatives out there.

    That being said, I think Mitchell’s response to USMCwife is right on! Indeed, Obama was elected because voters wanted “Hope and Change” … part of the “Hope and Change” he campaigned for were for things like Health Care Reform, stimulus spending, financial reform, addressing climate change, international cooperation, etc. He campaigned on these exact issues and is having some success … “Hope and Change” delivered.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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