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I left my kids with a potential serial killer today.

I dropped my son and daughter off this afternoon to spend a couple hours at one of their Grandparents houses alone. As we pulled up there was a man sitting in a car across the street that we didn’t recognize from the neighborhood. It wasn’t a matter of him looking shady or anything... we didn’t raise our kids that way... he just wasn’t normally there and he was just sitting in his car in front of houses that we all knew he wasn’t normally at.

So... we pull in the driveway, both kids see him and kinda look at me. They both know that my response if they say they are scared is gonna be “suck it up”. But...they say it anyway.

13 y/o daughter: “Dad, did you see that guy, what’s he doing there, maybe you should come in until he leaves”

Me: “Suck it up, just lock the door and pay attention, and you’ll be fine”

They both walk into the house while staring very non-subtly with petrified looks at this gentleman sitting across the street.

I back out of the drive like I haven’t given it a second thought.

I then take down the license plate of the guys car. (I’m trying to raise my kids kinda tough, not foresake them completely) I then drive around the block and he’s still sitting there so I call my son.

He checks caller id and then answers:

“Dad, sis is watching him through the curtains while I go lock all the doors, she has a putter, I have my 9 iron, she’s mad cause she thinks the putter is not a good club for defense, I tried to tell her that the heavy head of the putter will make it a great defense weapon.”

Me: “The heavy head of that putter would hurt if you hit somebody”

10y/o Son Yelling across the house: “Sis, Dad said the putter is great as a weapon”

Anyhow... they called me back 5 minutes later and the guy was helping another guy landscape the Grandparents neighbors yard...

I am glad they didn’t freak publicly and refuse to go into the house by themselves... but I am also glad they were cautious, aware of their surroundings and at least thought they could put up a fight.

I think we are doing alright as parents.


  1. This post made me realize that I don't have anything that makes a particularly good weapon - just a frying pan, some liquor bottles, and my psycho ankle-biting cat.


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