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Discussion with my son...

Last night my son and I (he’s 10) had a discussion about whether or not Gay people are born Gay or make a decision to become Gay, I know.. pretty deep huh? It started with his shock that most States don't allow Gay Marriage, that was brought about by a News story covering Prop 8 in California.

*** You should know this... I am not really a "Passionate" Gay Rights person in the truest sense... I am however very passionate about Liberty, my definition of Liberty is "You should be able to do anything you want, until it interferes with another Human Beings right to Liberty" ***

Really this post isn’t about the subject of the conversation at all... honestly I don’t care how anyone else feels about it...

This post is about discussing with your kids.... letting them figure it out life in an unbiased.. but controlled discussion environment.

So when this topic came up, I asked my son what he thought. His answer was “I always thought they were born that way.” Admittedly at 10 --- I think his thought process may be “Why in the world would any man choose to not be attracted to Megan Fox? They must be born that way.” - He’s 10 ... I think the cool robots and great graphics are neck and neck with Megan on why we watch Transformers repeatedly. :) Again he’s 10.

So with that answer from him, I responded with a little bit of a Devil’s Advocate approach... you see, I am a Christian, I believe in God and Jesus Christ, I also know the Bible and believe it is the Word of God. So I gave him the debate points that someone that believes that Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice as well as those that are completely against from a religious stance might come at him with. I acted as an attorney for them, I made it clear I don’t agree but wanted him to grasp their point of view, I even insisted that he respect their point of view.

*** Here you should know that I believe in the Bible as the Word of God... but I also believe God gave us the ability to think, to adapt, to evolve and that while the 10 commandments (like the bill of rights) are good for eternity.... much of the Bible can be perceived as guidelines or parables for us to learn from and apply to our lives... I also 100% completely respect your right to disagree with me... I honestly do. I enlisted in the Marine Corps because this country is about respecting differentiating opinions and beliefs. ***

He asked question after question (I mean LOTS of questions) some questions I had to admit I didn’t have answers to... questions we kinda philosophized about and made ourselves better thinkers because of the discussion. We just discussed it, we didn’t bad mouth people who didn’t believe the same things as us, I as a parent didn’t force any of my beliefs on him and everytime I told him my beliefs on a specific item... I immediately gave him the opinion of the people who might disagree with me and forced him to see the validity of or reason behind their thinking.

Anyway... it think you get the point...

Socrates said “And if I tell you that it is the greatest good for a human being to have discussions every day about virtue and the other things you hear me talking about, examining myself and others, and that the unexamined life is not livable for a human being, you will be even less persuaded.”

We have to have civil discussions that are respectful of opposing mindsets to remain civilized...

Our schools aren’t doing it... we are forcing facts into kids brains so they pass tests.. that's fine, I don't have a better answer for teachers that are asked to do so much.. in reality, its a parent responsibility to make a child a thinking, contributing member of society.


  1. Too cool, man. I deeply respect that you took the time to have a discussion with your kid. So many parents lecture, there should be more discussions instead.

  2. I think you are a wonderful dad and have a great respect for your son. A lot of parents are raising children, they need to raise adults and I see that is what you are doing.

  3. Thanks Allison and USMCWIFE....

    its a fun ride this parenting gig.


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