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My blog got me an "official product testing" gig!!

Ok first off... please know that I know that I am not an expert at anything....

I am not taking this all that serious.... (but it is fun for me that they shipped me a free phone for a month...)

I am huge on giving you my opinion, as... my opinion... I know everyone will have their own opinion... and would rather not argue opinion against opinion... cause thats stupid.


Sprint sent me a BlackBerry Style to review:

I am gonna have it for a month, I will do 2 or 3 posts about my experiences with it.... I live in the country ... so it will be cool to see if Sprints coverage in rural areas around here has improved.

Things you should know:

1. I am a BlackBerry Freak... I love them... so I am biased towards that operating system... I know others like other systems better, and thats cool.

2. I am a current Verizon user... mainly because several years ago Sprint's coverage at my house was poor, (and my employer pays for my Verizon phone).

3. This is an unbiased opinion... Sprint didn't pay me anything!

4. Earl Bean, the Sprint Corporate Rep for this area is a friend of mine and had this idea and sent me the phone, he knows I will be giving my honest opinion of the phone. Earl is also a client of LogicMaze (my day job)

5. We will also be doing a review of this phone on Whatsuphutch.

1/13/2011 update ---> part 2 of this review is here

I will get back to you, here's a couple links.
Sprint's page on the style.
Earl Bean's website, if you are in my area and have Sprint questions.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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